Wednesday, February 19, 2014

NBA Postcards: Greetings from Miami, Florida and San Antonio, Texas

Greetings from San Antonio, Texas (Southwest Division)
Greetings from Miami, Florida (Southeast Division)
Excited for this new Art series which encapsulates the twin themes of this blog, Basketball and Travel.
I'll be designing Postcards for each of the NBA cities. They'll be rolled out in pairs in no particular order. You can find them through the usual channels, the Tumblr and Twitter. I'll also be uploading some drafts, variants and "works in progress" on the '30 Home Games' Facebook page.

Update: Find Miami Heat variant postcards at the NBA Postcards Tumblr

Miami Heat NBA Postcards: 'White Hot' and 'South Beach' variants

Find the Finals Rematch Postcard collection here - Greetings from the NBA Finals
Kindly tell your friends and feel free to leave some comments and suggestions
Next two teams: The Memphis Grizzlies and the Indiana Pacers.

Find other "Greetings from" below:
Miami, Florida and San Antonio, Texas
- Indianapolis, Indiana and Memphis, Tennessee
Charlotte, North Carolina and New Orleans, Louisiana
Los Angeles Lakers edition and Clippers edition
Cleveland, Ohio and Washington D.C.
Brooklyn and New York
Dallas and Houston, Texas
Sacramento, California and Toronto, Ontario
Atlanta, Georgia and Salt Lake City, Utah
- Chicago, Illinois and Phoenix, Arizona
For the definitive collection go to the NBA Postcards Tumblr


  1. Where can I purchased these postcards?

    1. They aren't for sale but I can send you hi-res files for you to print yourselves.

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