Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Grantland's Jalen Rose on why its OK for J.R. Smith to be at the club and how NBA players unwind

VIDEO: Jalen Rose Explains Why J.R. Smith Should Be At The Nightclub
JALEN ROSE: (1m 51s) In theory what I'm trying to say for the masses is everybody beats to their own drum and some guys need to relax to have a stress relief whether its going out hearing music, whether its going to have a couple of adult beverages just to relax and just to kick it. And then all of a sudden the next day, concentrate on basketball. Concentrate on your craft.

It's no different than somebody that has a 9 to 5. They didn't invent Happy Hours because of Athletes. They invented Happy Hours because when people get off work, most people need a stress relief before they go home to their real life and then to wake up the next day and go to their real job
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the Big Threes' first NBA Championship
Champagning and Campaigning NBA style is one of the goals for the '30 Home Games' mission. It'll be tough without the NBA money and fame but all we can do is our best.

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Sydney celebration

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