Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Recap of the 3rd Star Basketball Tournament

Its been a week since the 3rd One-Day Star Basketball Tourney.
Having not been eligible during Draft period I didn't have a team entering into the day. GM Mick graciously put me on his 'Grinderz' squad when a no-show opened up a roster spot. My team consisted of holdovers from the last tournament Champions - the reigning MVP, his sharpshooting wings and the undefeated "Jonesy". He remarked "I've been lucky each draft, all my teams have been a $1.50". I was off to a good start.

Tourney Draft order. Commissioner and Committee posing
with the Event trophies: MVP, Champhionship and 'Steal of the Draft'
The 5 SBC Teams and their Jerseys:
Supremacy, Avenjers, Grinderz, Hornets, Vatos
The Round Robin phase was competitive, no team going undefeated. Most games came down to the last possession, a few decided at the FT line after time had expired. Our team lost to the Avenjers after a sloppy start, we came second overall on points scored. Vatos were eliminated from the Semi-Final stage, Supremacy just squeezing past. The decider, a mere 2 points extra in total scoring over 4 games.
Tipoff: Vatos VS Avenjers
Another game down to the wire. Avenjers squeak by 18-17
After falling behind once again, the Grinderz avenged their sole loss against the Avenjers. There was some gamesmanship before the game, the Avenjers were in a serious huddle diagramming plays then playfully did a mock Haka. After the game both teams turned their attention to the other Semi still in play. The game went to overtime after Supremacy, the 4th placed team bullied the 1st placed Hornets with their BIGs.

Our team in White waiting to see who we'll face in the Finals.
In Overtime and the closing seconds decided on the line
The tension was high as both teams gave up careless fouls and missed crucial free throws in the dying seconds of extra time. The Hornet's star Point Guard drew the foul as time expired. With one to tie or both shots to win, he iced the pair leading to a Finals showdown between the day's two best teams.

Both teams watch on. The ball in flight determining
either a Hornet's Victory or a Second Overtime
The Finale featured a rematch of the two biggest stars who squared off in the last Tournament Finale. Our star player led the team on both ends of the floor. Half court no-looks and drop passes on offense, on the other end he was rejecting and diving for loose balls. Two timely threes from our star Forward created a buffer that allowed our team to breathe easy in the final seconds. We took home the Championship trophy, our veteran forward won 'Steal of the Draft' honors and the reigning MVP doubled his hardware for a second straight campaign. "Jonesy" made it 3 Championships from 3 attempts, planting him high on everyone's draftboard for the next tourney.
Grand Final: Grinderz def. Hornets 46-39
Semi Final: Hornets def. Supremacy 34-33
For myself it was bittersweet. Despite enjoying the Championship ride and getting the pleasure to watch the MVP dazzle every game, I played below standard and was largely a non factor. It'll only encourage me to practice harder for next time. Thanks to the Commish, the organizing committee and the wonderful HR staff who came on board for putting on another awesome event.
Can't wait for the next one.

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