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Demetri Martin finds Clearification: "Hand Toss" basketball facial

hand toss, facial, funny, demetri martin
HAND TOSS: Demetri Martin
WARNING: Hand Toss alert!
New readers unfamiliar with my writing might find this blog perplexing. '30 Home Games' began as a basketball-themed offshoot to my 'Loz in Translation' travel blog. Both blogs incorporate epiphanies I've discovered though my twin passions (travel + basketball). Using articles, conversations and art found in each hobby, I relate it to grander themes as I explore the meaning of life and pursue happiness.

Comedian Demetri Martin in a series of viral ads for Windows Vista sheds some light:

VIDEO: Demetri Martin finds Clearification
DEMETRI MARTIN (voiceover): For a select few, life gets complicated quickly and gradually it gets out of control. I guess you could say I'm one of the select few.

I was winning at life. Focused, professional, protected, forgetful - a little bit. And all business. I was also an a$$hole...

I'm not quite sure how things got out of control. I thought I had things figured out but I didn't... Far from it. What I had was a condition "Hyper Achiever with No Direction and Tendency to Overcomplicate Situations Syndrome". Its a rare condition...

30HG Destination Spotlight: Pixar Studios (Emeryville, California)

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I've been writing a to-do list for my mission to visit the 30 NBA Cities of America. After reading Joel Stein's article for Time Magazine of Pixar's upcoming project, I corrected the oversight adding the Studio to my fantasy list alongside Troublemaker Studios and DetourFilm.
Pixar's Girl Story by Joel Stein
Until I visited Pixar's offices, I did not know that 12-year-old boys were allowed to run major corporations. Yet I am walking through the lobby, and the room to my right is full of plastic bins dispensing every kind of cereal, free. Men pedal scooters past me. On Friday mornings an employee named Mark Andrews stands on the front lawn in a kilt, challenging co-workers to actual sword fights.
On my recent EuroTrip I realised that what I enjoyed most about travel was the social exploration. I just liked being around people, I enjoyed searching for the connections I might have with strangers. Travel is certainly conducive to sociability, we are in an exploratory and social state of mind. We are around like-minded people and are in settings that encourage interaction. New York Times Columnist David Brooks has dubbed this 'The Haimish Line'
The Haimish Line by David Brooks
I know only one word to describe what the simpler camps had and the more luxurious camps lacked: haimish. It’s a Yiddish word that suggests warmth, domesticity and unpretentious conviviality. It occurred to me that when we moved from a simple camp to a more luxurious camp, we crossed an invisible Haimish Line. The simpler camps had it, the more comfortable ones did not. This is a generalized phenomenon, which applies to other aspects of life. Often, as we spend more on something, what we gain in privacy and elegance we lose in spontaneous sociability.
More posts featuring David Brooks
- The "Haimish Line": Pixar and TroubleMaker Studios
- "Limerence": Snowboarding, Skating, Surfing, Christmas and Love
- The 'Social Animal' - Change your behaviour and you change your mind

Adam from The 'Disney, Etc.' blog lived the dream by touring Pixar. He has a great summary of the Pixar experience on his blog including a goal I can shoot for - Hooping at the Pixar basketball court. I'd like to sink a Hail Mary shot from where the Luxo ball is :)
Find the blog here - Disney, Etc.

pixar, basketball, disney, luxo

pixar studios, emeryvillePixar Studios appears on my Pacific Division wishlist of the 30 Home Games mission.

Explore my to-do lists for the other Western Conference States
1) Northwest Division
Colorado | Minnesota | Oklahoma | Oregon | Utah
2) Southwest Division
Louisiana | Tennessee | Texas

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30 Home Games mission: Pacific Division map

pacific division, western conference, california, los angeles
'30 Home Games' Pacific Division wishlist
My tentative to-do-list for the Pacific Division:
Arizona | California | Hawaii | Nevada

NBA Tickets
Golden State Warriors - Oracle Arena
7000 Coliseum Way,
Oakland, California 94621

Los Angeles Clippers
- Staples Center,
1111 S. Figueroa Street,
Los Angeles, California 90015

Los Angeles Lakers
- Staples Center,
1111 S. Figueroa Street,
Los Angeles, California 90015

Phoenix Suns - US Airways Center
201 East Jefferson,
Phoenix, Arizona 85004

Sacramento Kings - Sleep Train Arena
One Sports Parkway,
Sacramento, California 95834

- Comedy Store (LA)
- Comedy Bang Bang (LA)
- Tiger Lily (LA)
- Largo (LA)
- SF SketchFest (SF) February
- MaxFunCon West, Lake Arrowhead (CA) June

- E3 Gaming Expo (LA) June
- San Diego Comic-Con (CA) July
- Meltdown Comics + events (LA)
- Resisting Gambling in Vegas

Destination Spotlight
Pixar Studios (Emeryville, California)

NBA Postcards: Greetings from the Pacific Division
Greetings from:
Los Angeles (Clippers), California | Golden State (Oakland), California | Phoenix, Arizona | Sacramento, California | Los Angeles (Lakers), California

nba, western conference, pacific, northwestern, southwesternExplore my to-do list for the States of the Western Conference
1) Northwest Division
Colorado | Minnesota | Oklahoma | Oregon | Utah
2) Pacific Division
Arizona | California
3) Southwest Division
Louisiana | Tennessee | Texas

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sneaker tribute to the NBA All Star Game

1996 nba all star, jordan, kemp, shaq, hill, barkley
All-Star Weekend Kicks: San Antonio 1996
2012 nba all star, air flight one, penny, orlando magic
All-Star Weekend kicks: Orlando 2012
As a tribute to the coming All Star Game in Orlando, I've made graphics of sneakers I've geeked out on:

Nike Air Flight One - Penny Hardaway
Jordan 11 - Michael Jordan
Nike CB34 III - Charles Barkley
Reebok Kamikaze II - Shawn Kemp
Reebok Shaqnosis - Shaquille O'Neal
Fila Grant Hill II - Grant Hill

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

30 Home Games mission: Southwest Division map

southwest division, nba map, sxsw, texas, western conference
'30 Home Games' Southwest Division wishlist
My tentative to-do-list for the Southwest Division:
Arkansas | Louisiana | New Mexico | Tennessee | Texas

NBA Tickets
DALLAS Mavericks - American Airlines Center
2500 Victory Avenue,
Dallas, Texas 75201

HOUSTON Rockets - Toyota Center
1510 Polk Street,
Houston, Texas 77002

MEMPHIS Grizzlies - FedEx Forum
191 Beale Street
Memphis, Tennessee 38103

NEW ORLEANS Hornets - New Orleans Arena
1501 Girod Street,
New Orleans, Louisiana 70113

SAN ANTONIO Spurs - AT&T Center
1 AT&T Center Parkway,
San Antonio, Texas 78219

Comedy Clubs
- Capitol City Comedy Club (Austin, TX)
- Comedy Moontower (Austin, TX)
- Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club (San Antonio, TX)
- Skitz Comedy Club (Memphis, TN)
- South Street Comedy Club (Memphis, TN)

Troublemaker Studios (Robert Rodriguez)
4900 Old Manor Rd,
Austin, TX 78723

Detour Film Production (Richard Linklater)
1901 E 51st St
Austin, TX 78723

- Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling
Mardi Gras New Orleans (February)
- The White Horse (Austin, Texas)

Destination Spotlight:
Troublemaker Studios (Austin, Texas)

NBA Postcards: Greetings from the SouthWest Division
Greetings from:
San Antonio, Texas | Houston, Texas | Memphis, Tennessee | Dallas, Texas | New Orleans, Louisiana

nba, western conference, pacific, northwestern, southwesternExplore my to-do list for the States of the Western Conference
1) Northwest Division
Colorado | Minnesota | Oklahoma | Oregon | Utah
2) Pacific Division
Arizona | California
3) Southwest Division
Louisiana | Tennessee | Texas

Sunday, February 19, 2012

NBA Graphics: 30 Home Games logo and Wallpaper

nba map, league, teams, cities, states
30 Home Games mission: Destination wishlist
Unveiling new graphics for 30 Home games. For those playing at home, the 30HG logo is modeled after the Route 66 sign. The pictogram is a person making a 'travel' call.

I will be creating wallpapers for each NBA division
30 home games, logo, nba, travelingFind 30HomeGames here:
- 30HG on Twitter
- 30HG on Blogger
- 30HG on Facebook

Find Division maps featuring the NBA stadiums and a cursory to-do list of places and events:

nba map, league, eastern conference
Eastern Conference
1) Atlantic Division
Massachusetts | New Jersey | New York | Ontario, Canada | Pennsylvania
2) Central Division
Illinois | Indiana | Michigan | Ohio | Wisconsin
3) Southeast Division
Florida | Georgia | North Carolina | Washington DC

nba map, league, western conference
Western Conference:
4) Northwest Division
Colorado | Minnesota | Oklahoma | Oregon | Utah
5) Pacific Division
Arizona | California
6) Southwest Division
New Orleans | Tennessee | Texas

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Top 5 Knick reactions to Jeremy Lin's surprise highlights

As my blog is devoted to relating basketball to themes of life, happiness and dreams you'll have to forgive all the ink on Lin. It began as a mild Linsation on February 4, back when the floor was shared with Amare and Carmelo. The unheralded Jeremy Lin came off the bench to provide a career night of 25 points, 7 assists, 5 rebounds, 2 steals on 10-19 FG in 36 minutes.

The commentators noted whilst the game hung in the balance:
Commentary at Knicks/Nets Game (Feb 4)
C1: In one special night, Lin has become a Garden favourite
C2: Well deserved but will it be remembered? The Knicks will have to prevail.
C1: Right. If the Knicks lose this game, it will be long forgotten except for the Lin family
6 wins in a row and its been full blown Linsanity! Jeremy's second family, the Knicks have been showing their amazement along with the fans and with that -
30HG presents its 'Top 5 Knick Celebrations for Jeremy Lin':

linsanity, baron davis, carmelo anthony, injuredNumber 5 (LAL 78 NY 88)
After a tricky reverse over Pau Gasol, even the suits are impressed. B-Diddy and Melo show their appreciation.

jeremy lin, jared jeffries, linsanityNumber 4 (LAL 4 NY 11)
After co-escorting Lin to an easy lay-up off a Laker turnover, Jeffries celebrates under the rim

jeremy lin, carmelo anthony, melo bow, linsanityNumber 3 (NJ 88 NY 92)
Carmelo Anthony bows and gives a brotherly congratulation after a Lin And-1

jeremy lin, jared jeffries, linsanity, lakersNumber 2 (LAL 71 NY 81)
Jeffries gets the rebound and dishes it out, before Lin even gets into his shooting motion Jared has the 3 fingers up. Lin didn't make his teammate look foolish

jeremy lin, linsanity, toronto raptors,landry fields, iman shumpert, bill walkerNumber 1 (NY 84 TOR 87)
In the Knick of time! After Lin delivers a clutch And-1 to tie it, Landry Fields and Iman Shumpert choreograph an excited Double Jump. When Lin hits the game winning triple, Bill Walker bows in respect during 'Rush Hour'.

VIDEO: Jeremy Lin Clutch And-1 vs. Raptors

How long is a dream? Is Jeremy Lin's rap song a one-hit wonder?

VIDEO: Mega Ran's Jeremy Lin Rap

After delivering the go-ahead point the game previous, Jeremy Lin hits the game-winner to defeat the Raptors. So for now we are still living in Jeremy Lin's dream. If you follow social media there is a rebellion of "haters" who are trying to convince the masses we are in a Matrix created by the Hype machine. I'm zen about it, I'm just gonna live in the moment.

Doug Gottlieb sums up my sentiments on the Lin hoopla:
Lin-sanity: 'The Herd' with Colin Cowherd (Feb 10)
GOTTLIEB: The NBA's marketing machine is behind Jeremy Lin... They have a Jeremy Lin rap song out... and within it brings up "Maybe its just for the moment but enjoy it while it lasts"

I've always felt this way about one-hit wonders, we always make fun of one-hit wonders... but here's the thing, are you a half-empty or a half-full guy? If you're a half-full guy you say "You know what, it was only a one-hit wonder... but they had that one hit!". Do you know how many people never had a hit? Do you know how many great musicians went their whole lives and never had a hit. Nothing!

... Will it be the Macarena? Probably. Don't feel bad about buying a Linsanity shirt, you may wanna pump the breaks on the MVP chants at the Garden. Little much, too soon, probably? On the other hand just like one-hit wonders, have any of you ever had 20 and 10 at an NBA game? I haven't. Enjoy it while it lasts.
The reality is sports is all about narratives and marketing. Sportsmen make themselves relevant through their play and the media weaves a larger meaning for the consumer to accept according to their value systems. However the same light that shines is the same light that burns, just ask LeBron. Shortsightedness is a two way street, haters materialise just as suddenly as the bandwagon jumpers. The beauty of sport is that unlike a dream the athletes living it have the ability to control their destiny. The question is will they accept the nightmare we've created or can they wake us all up?

*Gasp* Look what Linsanity the Hype Machine has created so far. Not to mention the hype Lin has created for himself - TheJLin7 (YouTube Channel)

linsanity, wallpaper, hype, jeremy lin
Remember before Linsanity, the Timberwolves bandwagon and the Jimmer Train - This was the Media's "Dream" story:
Miami Heat’s LeBron James reigns over all this season
"He has created that problem for himself," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra was saying before Tuesday night’s game here. "That consistent greatness. How can he top himself each night?"
"This isn’t a normal MVP year he is having."

...It is so natural to take for granted, to under-appreciate or at least to under-express that, and we must try to make an exception to that human nature.

This is a player who lives up to whatever feeling of awestruck he sends coursing across arenas. This is a player having a season that simply begs better adjectives, even if his night was merely very good.
- Listen to the Jeremy Lin rap song
- Listen to the Allen Iverson rap song

Monday, February 13, 2012

Home Game: Basketball in Sydney - HalfSleeve 3on3

After balling around Europe, its nice to return home and continue the streak. I never used to ball much despite my love for the game, just admiring from afar. Thankfully things have changed.

HalfSleeve are a Sydney streetwear store repping beautiful Surry Hills. They have hosted annual 3 on 3 tourneys in Pyrmont to kick off the NBA season around October. They stock dope merchandise including some of their own basketball themed designs.

Find videos and pictures in the links below.

VIDEO: HalfSleeve 3on3 Basketball Classic 2011

VIDEO: HalfSleeve 3on3 Basketball Classic 2010

Find more HalfSleeve videos here - HalfSleeve on Vimeo
HalfSleeve 3on3 BBall Classic - Event Photos 2010
HalfSleeve 3on3 Basketball Classic - Wrap Up 2010
HalfSleeve 3on3 Basketball Classic - Meet the Beasts of the East
HalfSleeve 3on3 Basketball Classic - Meet the Wild Wild West
HalfSleeve 3on3 Basketball Classic 2011

Summer 10 HalfSleeve Classics Tees:
Knicks, Bulls and Celtics theme
boston celtics, surry hills, halfsleeve
HalfSleeve 'Surry Hills' Celtics tee
Other HalfSleeve posts
- HalfSleeve 3 on 3 Basketball at Maybanke Courts, Pyrmont
- HalfSleeve 3on3 Basketball Classic 2012 photos
- Home Game: Basketball in Sydney - HalfSleeve 3on3

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ricky Rubio VS Jeremy Lin in Pictures

When all eyes were on Jeremy Lin against Kobe and the Lakers, the man met his moment delivering 38 points and a famous victory. Leading his surging B-side Knicks, Lin went on the road to face a similarly upstart Minnesota with their own young International sensation in Ricky Rubio.

The Knicks would come out victorious eeking out a gutsy win. Quiet underachiever Kevin love poured in 32 points and 21 assists but all the attention was on the scintillating Point Guard duel.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Two words: “I'm Back” - 30HomeGames in the 2013 NBA season?

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jordan, comeback, headline, i'm back
"I'm back!". 'Loz in Transit' with a concise Press Release 
The Next Chapter
LozinTransit released a press statement which consisted of two words, "I'm Back". The Bohemian retired from his EuroTrip on February 11, 2012 after spending close to 380 days abroad. LozinTransit had a great year and has expressed looking forward to spending time with family and is grateful to the people who made his trip so special. He plans to continue his creative pursuits and will focus his energy on his latest project, the 30HomeGames NBA Roadtrip.

'30HG' was an endeavour launched in September of 2011 during the European Basketball Championships in Lithuania. After a successful run finding basketball experiences around Europe, LozinTransit has set his sights on accomplishing the same feat by visiting all 30 NBA Cities of the United States.
A 'Memento Year' exhibition
FIBA singlet scored at EuroBasket, Earned after hitting two Free Throws
After having a basketball experience in the dozen+ countries visited, LozinTransit retired his European Jersey in a Ceremony in Hamburg, Germany at the end of 2011. A Charity basketball event is scheduled at some point for 2012.

Lin-sanity: Kenny Smith on Jeremy Lin seizing the moment

jeremy lin, knicks, linsanity
I spent considerable time with an Asian-American in Turkey, he was a big NBA fan and had interned for the 2009 Champion Lakers. We discussed his enviable access to the NBA beyond what's shown on TV - the locker room machinations and the mental composure needed to succeed in elite sports. We compared our list of favorite underdogs who had worked their way into NBA relevance.

We chatted briefly about Jeremy Lin because of our backgrounds. Little did I know that Lin would prove to be the latest of example of a player seizing the opportunity.
Catching up with the Jet - Kenny Smith on Jeremy Lin
KENNY SMITH: [When young guys would come up to me,] my one line to all of them would always be "just because you're not playing doesn't mean you can't play". You know, the NBA is about having a window of opportunity and there's going to be that. Its going to happen. There has never been an NBA player who's ever going to say "I didn't have a game where I played 30 minutes or more" because you're going to get that opportunity...

Everyone's going to get that opportunity and you just have to jump through that window and kick that door down. And Jeremy kicked it in.
In recent weeks Lin has been the talk of the Association with his breakout performance for the struggling Knicks. The team posted three straights wins in large part due to the 2nd year guard coming through once given significant minutes.
Jeremy Lin: From novelty to Knicks star
He was no longer an undrafted free agent; he was the starting point guard for a Knicks team that took the floor without Amare Stoudemire (death in the family) and Carmelo Anthony (groin injury). On Tuesday, his $788,000 contract was guaranteed (Tuesday was the last opportunity for the Knicks to cut him in time to clear waivers) and he now plans to get his own place to stay (he'd been sleeping on the couch in the apartment of his older brother, Josh, who is a graduate student at New York University).

So no, Lin, the first American-born player of Chinese or Taiwanese descent in NBA history, wasn't a novelty on Wednesday. The Wizards had plenty of time to devise a game plan for him. Still, Lin more than lived up to the "Linsanity" label, scoring 23 points and handing out a career-high 10 assists in a win over Washington.
Watch video of Lin's journey from obscurity to the spotlight here - NBA TV: Lin's Long Trip

linsanity, signs, asian, nba"Lin-sanity" is sweeping across the NBA

linsanity, jeremy lin, splashpage, app,The Knicks have bought into the hype

linsanity shirt, jeremy lin, knicksCatch Lin fever, pick up a shirt at the NY Knicks Store

Former Warrior, Jeremy Lin Visits NYC for the Rookie Transition Program

Thursday, February 9, 2012

NBA International incident: Shaq dubs Ricky Rubio the 'Italian Pete Maravich'

rubio, shaq, italian, maravich, funnyThe TNT broadcast team of Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley had a hilarious exchange at the expense of new recruit Shaquille O'Neal. Shaq coined a nickname for Spanish sensation Ricky Rubio but unfortunately he got his origin confused with another European country.

Watch the video at the 'Sports Grid' - Shaq Has Shaky Grasp On Geography, Thinks Ricky Rubio Is Italian
Sacramento Kings VS Minnesota Timberwolves (Jan16 TNT Broadcast)
O'NEAL: I'm giving Ricky Rubio a name right now
SMITH: What's that?
SHAQ: The "Italian Pete Maravich"

crosstalk with some laughter:
"woah woah" , "even though he's Spanish", "come on now"

BARKLEY: You're getting a little out of hand. Do you know how great Pete Maravich was?
JOHNSON: There's not a whole lot of folks that can follow that nickname
BARKLEY: First of all you called the brother from the wrong country
SMITH: You've started an international incident
BARKLEY: He's not from Italy Ernie. He's from Spain.
O'NEAL: Italy, Spain...
BARKLEY: People from Italy don't even know who he is

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Road Music: Songs to be happy to (Last time, First lines)

Its the final few moments before I head home after a year+ of travel. I've been humming these songs in my head, more specifically the opening lines as they capture my current homeward bound mood.

VIDEO: 'Juicy' by Notorious B.I.G.

"It was all a dream..."

I feel like I've lived a dream, the more I speak with others the more I've realised its human nature to build things up in your head. It might seem like a movie trope/travel cliche but it truly was a great year. During the course of my trip I learnt the gravity of being in the moment and that living is already the dream.

VIDEO: 'Mama Said Knock You Out' by LL Cool J

"Don't call it a comeback
I've been here for years..."

A Punk Rock title, a reference to Istanbul and my current catchphrase.
All the layers on one shirt.

A Zeitgeist photoshoot

I started this blog during my 'Yes-Man year' leading up to my year of travel. All the great results from my trip I believe came as a result of the energy I adopted and grew into back home in Sydney. I like to think of it as 'taking awesomeness on the road', I'm simply returning it to where it all began - At home and within.

- Find the entire 'Road Music' Track listings here

Friday, February 3, 2012

Enes Kanter: Turkey, Wrestling and Basketball

I was reading the November issue of uber-cool Turkish Mag 'XOXO' and spotted an interesting Enes Kanter interview. In Turkey, Oil wrestling (yağlı güreş) is a traditional sport but the rookie Power Forward has aspirations for another type of wrestling.

VIDEO: Enes Kanter and Pro-Wrestling

ENES KANTER: After my basketball career I want to be a professional wrestler... I watched it 4 or 5 years ago and right now I feel like [The Undertaker) him on the court.
The 'Deadman' I love it. People started calling me 'UnderKanter' 3 months ago. Right now my nickname is 'UnderKanter'.
People in Turkey have expressed how modernisation has meant the loss of their traditional culture. This is by no means an accurate illustration of that as Enes was born in Switzerland and was schooled in America but it does speak to the muddling and assimilation of global influences for the Internet generation.

VIDEO: Enes Kanter aka "The UnderKanter" - Utah/Kentucky/Turkey

Enes Kanter likes two of my favourite things - Basketball and Wrestling. Cool!

I had the pleasure of observing Young Turks training at the İstanbul Güreş İhtisas Kulübü by Aksaray in Istanbul. I was accompanying a French running mate who was photographing a story for a magazine. After the session, kids started shooting hoops but unfortunately I had left the scene.

Photo Credit: Fabrice Tan Boul

- Seeking Pro-wrestling is on my to-do list of NBA Destinations

London House of Hoops Manifesto: Because in this city...

house of hoops, london, footlocker, manifesto, basketball
house of hoops, lebron james, london, basketball
Spotted at the Oxford St FootLocker, House of Hoops (Tube: Bond Street).
House of Hoops, London Manifesto:
Because in this City, Basketball is not Performed: It's Perfected.

From the hallowed courts of Brixton to the sacred grounds of Westway, London players are known to be amongst the hardest workers in the world, relentlessly pursuing their dreams and perfecting their craft.

They carry the confidence and attitude of their city with them on the court' blending skill with raw talent and creating a level of the game that defies the obstacles that stand in their way. Let other cities keep talking. London ballers will continue to play with determination unmatched anyplace else, showing the rest of the world the kind of love basketball is truly capable of inspiring.

From here, where basketball players to struggle to get attention for their sport, where love is what keeps balls falling through hoops in Finsbury Park and bouncing off courts in Hackney, the game reigns supreme in the hearts of those who have chosen it. Athletes all over the city devote themselves to a sport played outside their country's spotlight. Creating beautiful moves and taking part in legendary games, they elevate basketball to London's centre stage while maintaining its core authenticity.

In other cities they talk about playing for the love of the game. In London - They prove it.
- House of Hoops London: Facebook page
- Paradox Media's Art Direction for Nike's House of Hoops
- Crooked Tongues: Lebron James at the House of Hoops opening