Friday, February 3, 2012

London House of Hoops Manifesto: Because in this city...

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house of hoops, lebron james, london, basketball
Spotted at the Oxford St FootLocker, House of Hoops (Tube: Bond Street).
House of Hoops, London Manifesto:
Because in this City, Basketball is not Performed: It's Perfected.

From the hallowed courts of Brixton to the sacred grounds of Westway, London players are known to be amongst the hardest workers in the world, relentlessly pursuing their dreams and perfecting their craft.

They carry the confidence and attitude of their city with them on the court' blending skill with raw talent and creating a level of the game that defies the obstacles that stand in their way. Let other cities keep talking. London ballers will continue to play with determination unmatched anyplace else, showing the rest of the world the kind of love basketball is truly capable of inspiring.

From here, where basketball players to struggle to get attention for their sport, where love is what keeps balls falling through hoops in Finsbury Park and bouncing off courts in Hackney, the game reigns supreme in the hearts of those who have chosen it. Athletes all over the city devote themselves to a sport played outside their country's spotlight. Creating beautiful moves and taking part in legendary games, they elevate basketball to London's centre stage while maintaining its core authenticity.

In other cities they talk about playing for the love of the game. In London - They prove it.
- House of Hoops London: Facebook page
- Paradox Media's Art Direction for Nike's House of Hoops
- Crooked Tongues: Lebron James at the House of Hoops opening

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