Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Top 5 Knick reactions to Jeremy Lin's surprise highlights

As my blog is devoted to relating basketball to themes of life, happiness and dreams you'll have to forgive all the ink on Lin. It began as a mild Linsation on February 4, back when the floor was shared with Amare and Carmelo. The unheralded Jeremy Lin came off the bench to provide a career night of 25 points, 7 assists, 5 rebounds, 2 steals on 10-19 FG in 36 minutes.

The commentators noted whilst the game hung in the balance:
Commentary at Knicks/Nets Game (Feb 4)
C1: In one special night, Lin has become a Garden favourite
C2: Well deserved but will it be remembered? The Knicks will have to prevail.
C1: Right. If the Knicks lose this game, it will be long forgotten except for the Lin family
6 wins in a row and its been full blown Linsanity! Jeremy's second family, the Knicks have been showing their amazement along with the fans and with that -
30HG presents its 'Top 5 Knick Celebrations for Jeremy Lin':

linsanity, baron davis, carmelo anthony, injuredNumber 5 (LAL 78 NY 88)
After a tricky reverse over Pau Gasol, even the suits are impressed. B-Diddy and Melo show their appreciation.

jeremy lin, jared jeffries, linsanityNumber 4 (LAL 4 NY 11)
After co-escorting Lin to an easy lay-up off a Laker turnover, Jeffries celebrates under the rim

jeremy lin, carmelo anthony, melo bow, linsanityNumber 3 (NJ 88 NY 92)
Carmelo Anthony bows and gives a brotherly congratulation after a Lin And-1

jeremy lin, jared jeffries, linsanity, lakersNumber 2 (LAL 71 NY 81)
Jeffries gets the rebound and dishes it out, before Lin even gets into his shooting motion Jared has the 3 fingers up. Lin didn't make his teammate look foolish

jeremy lin, linsanity, toronto raptors,landry fields, iman shumpert, bill walkerNumber 1 (NY 84 TOR 87)
In the Knick of time! After Lin delivers a clutch And-1 to tie it, Landry Fields and Iman Shumpert choreograph an excited Double Jump. When Lin hits the game winning triple, Bill Walker bows in respect during 'Rush Hour'.

VIDEO: Jeremy Lin Clutch And-1 vs. Raptors

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