Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Demetri Martin finds Clearification: "Hand Toss" basketball facial

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HAND TOSS: Demetri Martin
WARNING: Hand Toss alert!
New readers unfamiliar with my writing might find this blog perplexing. '30 Home Games' began as a basketball-themed offshoot to my 'Loz in Translation' travel blog. Both blogs incorporate epiphanies I've discovered though my twin passions (travel + basketball). Using articles, conversations and art found in each hobby, I relate it to grander themes as I explore the meaning of life and pursue happiness.

Comedian Demetri Martin in a series of viral ads for Windows Vista sheds some light:

VIDEO: Demetri Martin finds Clearification
DEMETRI MARTIN (voiceover): For a select few, life gets complicated quickly and gradually it gets out of control. I guess you could say I'm one of the select few.

I was winning at life. Focused, professional, protected, forgetful - a little bit. And all business. I was also an a$$hole...

I'm not quite sure how things got out of control. I thought I had things figured out but I didn't... Far from it. What I had was a condition "Hyper Achiever with No Direction and Tendency to Overcomplicate Situations Syndrome". Its a rare condition...

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