Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How long is a dream? Is Jeremy Lin's rap song a one-hit wonder?

VIDEO: Mega Ran's Jeremy Lin Rap

After delivering the go-ahead point the game previous, Jeremy Lin hits the game-winner to defeat the Raptors. So for now we are still living in Jeremy Lin's dream. If you follow social media there is a rebellion of "haters" who are trying to convince the masses we are in a Matrix created by the Hype machine. I'm zen about it, I'm just gonna live in the moment.

Doug Gottlieb sums up my sentiments on the Lin hoopla:
Lin-sanity: 'The Herd' with Colin Cowherd (Feb 10)
GOTTLIEB: The NBA's marketing machine is behind Jeremy Lin... They have a Jeremy Lin rap song out... and within it brings up "Maybe its just for the moment but enjoy it while it lasts"

I've always felt this way about one-hit wonders, we always make fun of one-hit wonders... but here's the thing, are you a half-empty or a half-full guy? If you're a half-full guy you say "You know what, it was only a one-hit wonder... but they had that one hit!". Do you know how many people never had a hit? Do you know how many great musicians went their whole lives and never had a hit. Nothing!

... Will it be the Macarena? Probably. Don't feel bad about buying a Linsanity shirt, you may wanna pump the breaks on the MVP chants at the Garden. Little much, too soon, probably? On the other hand just like one-hit wonders, have any of you ever had 20 and 10 at an NBA game? I haven't. Enjoy it while it lasts.
The reality is sports is all about narratives and marketing. Sportsmen make themselves relevant through their play and the media weaves a larger meaning for the consumer to accept according to their value systems. However the same light that shines is the same light that burns, just ask LeBron. Shortsightedness is a two way street, haters materialise just as suddenly as the bandwagon jumpers. The beauty of sport is that unlike a dream the athletes living it have the ability to control their destiny. The question is will they accept the nightmare we've created or can they wake us all up?

*Gasp* Look what Linsanity the Hype Machine has created so far. Not to mention the hype Lin has created for himself - TheJLin7 (YouTube Channel)

linsanity, wallpaper, hype, jeremy lin
Remember before Linsanity, the Timberwolves bandwagon and the Jimmer Train - This was the Media's "Dream" story:
Miami Heat’s LeBron James reigns over all this season
"He has created that problem for himself," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra was saying before Tuesday night’s game here. "That consistent greatness. How can he top himself each night?"
"This isn’t a normal MVP year he is having."

...It is so natural to take for granted, to under-appreciate or at least to under-express that, and we must try to make an exception to that human nature.

This is a player who lives up to whatever feeling of awestruck he sends coursing across arenas. This is a player having a season that simply begs better adjectives, even if his night was merely very good.
- Listen to the Jeremy Lin rap song
- Listen to the Allen Iverson rap song

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