Friday, June 26, 2015

NBA maps: Updated 2015 '30 Home Games' Facebook cover wallpapers

I've updated my Facebook covers for 2015. A slew of teams have changed their logos including Atlanta, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Toronto and the LA Clippers as well as changes for Phoenix and Washington. Enjoy!

Update: These have been optimised for best quality
NBA Map Facebook wallpaper - Ball logos
NBA Map Facebook wallpaper - City logos
NBA Map Facebook wallpaper - City listings
1) Northwest Division
Colorado | Minnesota | Oklahoma | Oregon | Utah
2) Pacific Division
Arizona | California
3) Southwest Division
New Orleans | Tennessee | Texas
4) Atlantic Division
Massachusetts | New Jersey | New York | Ontario, Canada | Pennsylvania
5) Central Division
Illinois | Indiana | Michigan | Ohio | Wisconsin
6) Southeast Division
Florida | Georgia | North Carolina | Washington DC

Monday, June 22, 2015

The Tao of Jalen and Jacoby: What to do in each City

Jalen and Jacoby on what to do in each city
I'm a big believer that the reason we enjoy travel is more in the spirit we carry than the destination we're at. When we're abroad, we find novelty, we are more adventurous and outgoing. We have an appreciation for our immediate surroundings. That's partly the reason I've gone on these FIBA adventures, the destination is negligible. I know that if i'm there with a pretext that excites me (basketball) I can find novelty when I'm on the ground or I'll have a blast seeking it, it's just a matter of setting expectations.

Jalen and Jacoby talk Kyrie Irving, Super Bowl and more (1/29/15) | Grantland Channel
DAVID JACOBY: I've been to every major city in the country. Not every city is New York, where things open late and there's big parties and big night clubs everywhere but there's something to do in every city. It's not like Cleveland is dead. You know what I mean, there's trouble to get into if you want to get into it if you're J.R. Smith.
JALEN ROSE: That's not accurate. Yeah if you want to get online and do all types of things that you would do on your computer yeah that travels with you. But if you're talking about going out to dinner, hearing music, going to lounges, clubs, speakeasies, bars.
JACOBY: Its not gonna be the same as New York but they have that.
ROSE: But if you're used to eating that Tao at 11 o'clock, that comes with the lifestyle [rather than]... Applebees at 7:30... there's a different infrastructure when you're in that comfort zone.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

#30HGaustralasia Plans for 2015: FIBA Oceania in Melbourne and Wellington, FIBA Asia and the NBA Global Games in China

It all started in Rotterdam when I met a Spanish fellow in a hostel who was starting a new life in the Netherlands. I saw he had a ball and told him I'd been trying to have a basketball experience in each Country I visited. He remarked "So you're going to Lithuania then?".
He was introducing me to a new world, back then I wasn't familiar with FIBA's regional, biennial tournaments. I booked flights to Lithuania that evening and have been hooked ever since.

I traveled all over Lithuania for EuroBasket '11 watching as many group games in each of the smaller towns. I made fast local friends and had memorable experiences all because the love of the game brought me there.

 #30HGeurope (2011)
 #30HGsouthamerica (2013)
Whilst my basketball journey had organically begun when I arrived in Europe months previous, I officially founded #30HomeGames in the Country's capital, Vilnius. It was my mission to have a basketball experience in each Country visited. Be it watching a local league in action or finding a pickup game. It was buildup to my ultimate goal, visiting all 30 NBA Cities in America.

In 2013 when I backpacked South America, I realised it overlapped with FIBA Americas. The host Country was Venezuela but several friends familiar with South America warned me against going. With a little trepidation I went ahead and had another great time, albeit a challenging one.

- FIBA Oceania 2015, Gm1 Melbourne, Australia (August 15)
Gm2 Wellington, New Zealand (August 18)
- FIBA Asia, Changsha 2015 (September 23 - October 3)
- NBA Global Games, Shenzhen (October 11)
With momentum behind me, I was compelled to continue my FIBA streak for 2015. Though I originally had designs for FIBA Africa, current news on the ground gave me pause for concern. I've decided on twin trips to FIBA Oceania and FIBA Asia instead. Dubbed the #Homecoming, the Oceania event promises the strongest ever Boomers squad, fielding most of our rising and established Aussie NBA stars. Going to China also gives me the opportunity to watch an International NBA Game between the Houston Rockets and the Charlotte Hornets.

As in previous trips the primary goal is to be there on the ground then see what arises. Travel and exploration is the main component of my journey so the little planning I do extends to just getting there. One difference from my previous trips is a larger emphasis on Social media. Whilst I'll still be relying on street level engagement, I'm hoping the '30 Home Games' project can facilitate connections with locals and fellow hoopsheads in my travels.

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