Who am I?

I started this blog after having a YesMan year in 2010 leading up to my year abroad in Europe for 2011. Its an unconventinal travel blog, the focus is on capturing moments and examining memory. Posts dedicated to "triggers" via music, art and conversation. I even held an exhibition in a Hamburg gallery to commemorate the mementos I collected on my journey.

- 'A Memento Year' exhibition
- Loz in Translation favorites
I had the pleasure of being at EuroBasket 2011 in Lithuania, watching games and seeking a Basketball experience around the hoops-mad nation. It followed on from my mission to find bball in every country visited on my yearlong EuroTrip. Pick-up basketball and sharing love for the game opened up several experiences, connecting me with people I might not otherwise have. On my mission, I've made good friends, had unique fan experiences and even found places to crash.

I realised basketball had brought me to interesting corners of the world and was a great avenue to meet people. I started '30 Home Games' to document my European basketball experiences and set the stage for replicating that feat in the motherland of hoops, America.

- The '30 Home Games' mission
- My tentative to-do list for America
- Daily photos: 30 Home Games on Instagram
- Basketball graphics and memes: 30 Home Games Tumblr
During my travels I enjoyed countless discussions with people from all walks of life. As an avid fan of podcasts and stand-up, it appealed to my interest in the art of conversation. The blog is a repository for thoughts and connections I've found in pop culture that relate to the topics I explore in conversation. It supplements the podcast which is a discussion on life and a forum for sharing stories and musings.
The blog/podcast is about "reality" and incorporates a video game metaphor in its aesthetic.

- Quote compilation from conversations around Europe
- Find all the 'Let's Get Real' podcast episodes

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