Monday, January 30, 2012

NBA 2011 Champion Dallas Mavericks: Happiness on a shirt

NBA Champions Dallas Mavericks shirt @NBA Store Istanbul, Turkey
I capped off an NBA Day in Turkey by buying 'Happiness on a T-shirt' from the Adidas NBA Store in Istanbul. The shirt features all the principles from the 2011 Mavs squad that bested the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. Redemption, justice and purpose were buzzwords that exemplified this team of castoffs, underdogs and veterans.

The champion Dallas team as represented on this shirt proves that "Dreams can come true, if you believe".

Mark Cuban (Owner)
11th Season
Outspoken billionaire gets the final word by changing his tact
Mark Cuban Gets His Redemption
Cuban has been committed to the Mavericks from the moment he bought them, and for the first time he didn't goad the opposing team, didn't harass officials, and gave his players the chance to make a statement on the hardwood.
Rick Carlisle (Coach)
9th Season, 3rd team
Rick Carlisle once a Pacers' castoff, now a champion
At one point or another in most of our lives, we get hosed by management. We get a raw deal, maybe from new managers who want to reinvent the wheel... Which brings me to Rick Carlisle
Jason Kidd (PG)
17th Season, 3rd team
Came short in the NBA finals twice, reuniting with the team that drafted him
Jason Kidd: On being 38 and winning a title, turning point in Heat series
KIDD: Man, it's a dream come true. It's not real right now, because just the battles against the Heat and understanding the journey, it's been a long journey for 17 years.
Dirk Nowitzki (PF)
13th Season, 1st team
Despite excruciating lows, Dirk remained loyal as the face of the Mavs
'Who Knows If My Way Is the Right One?'
NOWITZKI: At the beginning I was condescended to and laughed at. "The nice boy from Germany will never make it," people said. Still, I never gave up. Now, I have been celebrated by 250,000 people in Dallas at the championship parade. That was an unbelievably intense feeling. I trembled.
Peja Stojaković (SF)
13th Season, 5th team
Playing what would be his final season, Peja was part of the early wave of international All-Stars
Peja Stojakovic to retire after 13 years
"I also want to thank the Dallas Mavericks for believing in me this past season and for giving me the chance to end my NBA career with a championship."
Jason Terry (SG)
12th Season, 2 team
Along with Dirk, the only holdover from the 2006 Mavs squad that collapsed against the Wade powered Heat team
Jason Terry erases bitterness, keeps ink
"Jet had to take all that criticism," said owner Mark Cuban... "The media was killing him: 'He can't perform in the playoffs. He's not clutch in the playoffs. He's too this, he's too that.'
"He shoved it up everybody's ass
Marion, Shawn (SF)
11th Season, 4th team
Chandler, Tyson (C)
9th Season, 4th team
Butler, Caron (SF)
8th Season, 4th team
Once pivotal members of their former teams (Phoenix, New Orleans, Washington respectively) these stars took on lesser roles to bring the Mavs to the promised land
Shawn Marion: 'We had the ultimate swag'
"It was a great team championship," Marion said. "I can’t say enough about how everybody contributed. Everybody did something special for this team. That’s why it was so special for us. We was hot. We were feeling each other. We just had the ultimate swag.
DeShawn Stevenson (SG)
10th Season, 4th team
Jose Juan Barea (PG)
5th Season, 1st team

Brian Cardinal (C), Ian Mahinmi (C), Brendan Haywood (PF), Dominique Jones(SF), Corey Brewer (SF), Rodrigue Beaubois(PG)

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