Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Greatest blog ever sold: Follow my blog (May 2011 flashback))

Its exactly 250 days since my memorable day in Lisboa, Below is a repost in honor of my 'Tudo Boms'. I've yet to see the kicks in the flesh but will be picking them up enroute to home.

It turns out the Reeboks featured were in fact ES-22s (NFL's Emmit Smith) and not Iverson Question IIs as I had thought. Sadly I will need to deduct some cool points.


The Greatest blog ever sold: Please pimp, promote, like and sponsor this blog!

Reel Big Fish - Sell Out

After a typically incoherent LozInTranslation conversation, this became
the humming anthem for our Portugese Road Trip.


I don't know why I was being so coy the first time around.

miradouro de são pedro de alcântara, nike running, lisboa

"Aaawwww for me? This is the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me!"
I believe these are the second of three evolutions of my all-time favorite shoe,
Iverson's 'The Question'. I wish I was able to get Google to confirm it for me though.
(Update: They are not. See above)

sintra, abandoned

sintra, shoe, reebok, lisboa

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