Thursday, September 15, 2011

FAQ: Questions I Frequently ask myself

In the last few years I've been amazed by the amazing opportunities that avail themselves with a little bit of creativity and optimism. I've found Money isn't nearly as important as having a positive energy and time well spent.

Through a willingness to start a conversation, networks are planted. With curiosity, possibilities are revealed. Through optimism, resilience is built. Most of the great experiences I've had and the hospitality I've been graced with has happened organically. I think projects like Couchsurfing are incredibly useful and life-changing but I like the personal mission of creating things for myself. Ironically, most of the hospitable people I've met in hostels, buses and footpaths happen to be on the Couchsurfing network. So maybe its just in my head.

With this endeavour I hope to use this blog as a facility to make things happen. While its possible to get things like free tickets and a few nights sleep through meeting people, its not entirely realistic to achieve this for all 30 Cities, especially with a short time frame.

Below are some Questions I frequently ask myself:

What are you doing?
Using the pretext of watching 30 Home Games for each team of the NBA, I will be traveling all around the United States with Toronto thrown in. Living, writing and balling.

How do you plan to travel?

Greyhound, hitchhiking, team bus, team plane, easy riding, horseback, road tripping, Campervan. By any and all means necessary. Ideally affordably, regionally and as unique as possible. Its really just a matter of getting from Point A to B but naturally It'd be nice to have a good story to go along with it.

Where do you plan to stay?
Couchsurfing, 5 star-hotels, motels, campsites, host houses and apartments. You get the idea, Its about having a story? There is a bit of contrivance having set up this blog in the hope of facilitating it but it'll be an adventure nonetheless.

How much time will you have?
Unfortunately 3 months, I will likely only have an American Tourist Visa. I will explore getting a Canadian VISA which might allow me a bit more flexibility but at this stage with only anecdotal references to draw from, 3 months seems the most likely. I am considering splitting the missions over several trips/seasons as I would like as much time as possible to absorb each city. Ideally I'd like a full year (get a VISA somehow) and have an all-encompassing experience like I enjoyed in Europe.

Who are you?
I am... Batman. I'm just an average guy who loves the game of basketball. For a large part of my basketball fandom, I was merely a stat geek and sneakerhead. During my Eurotrip I've started to get over my BBall shyness and learn to develop my game. I can always improve more and that's the plan. One of the my fears for this US roadtrip is the vision of embarrassing myself on blacktops and Gymnasiums of America but therein lies the challenge.

Why America?
Well I've had (having) my EuroTrip experience. Originally I had wanted to have an American experience because most of the things I'm fascinated and passionate in (sports, comedy, wrestling, politics and movies) are American.

My European adventure has been wonderful but has provided a different experience to enjoy, the exotic languages, rich history and unique customs. America with its distinct regions and cultures promises similarly great things, from the bigness of Texas to the flavour of Miami.

Sorry, why are you doing this?
I just want to have stories, I like hearing stories and I want to share stories. When you're treated to great hospitality, two things happen. You get addicted to it, then you feel guilty for being so spoilt. I've learnt to accept that when done right, it is really a win-win situation. Its a shared humanity, the embodiment of "spreading the love". It's something I aim to do on this journey.

One of the main logistical challenges will be to create a facility where I can help spread my good fortune to others who will appreciate it and far more deserving than I. I have to consider entertaining sponsorship and other avenues to best achieve this.

When are you going on this grand adventure?
For starters, it needs to be during the NBA Season. So I imagine late into the shortened 2011/2012 season (if it happens at all) or before All-Star break of the 2012/2013 season. I will also have to return to normally scheduled programming after the EuroTrip. Will have to see what shakes out.

Why does your blog look this way?
Lay off the Haterade pal. I plan to design the blog properly once I have time. Most likely months from now when I return to Sydney.

Who are your favorite players?
Current - "Son of a gun" Stephen Curry, Marc Gasol and Joakim Noah
80's - Magic Johnson
90's - Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon
00's - "B Diddy" Baron Davis
All Time - The Dream

Favorite sneakers
Jordan 'XII' and Reebok 'Questions'
Adidas x Undrcrwn 'Gil Zero'

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