Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year from 30HomeGames!

Courtesy of my boys at 'The Good Life Creative'

Happy New Year everyone and keep living the Good Life!

I've been greeting my 'GoodLife' Fantasy League with the following video to tipoff each year. After 3 years in said league I won't be participating this season as I couldn't negotiate a buyout. I will however continue to find basketball experiences around Europe though my journey is wrapping up.

I'm in Turkey now. Despite missing out on seeing some D-Will action (bummer), I see no trouble in finding some hoops action in this Basketball-friendly nation. Its a brand new day...

VIDEO: Vince Carter Nike Shox Commercial VC2

Not playing Fantasy means I don't get to put these 3 awesome things to use:
1. Free early year access to NBA TV League Pass
2. My in-person scouting of NBA talent in Europe, FYI I was waaaay off on Rubio
3. My running mate's startup Fantasy Help site - 'Trade Debate'

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