Monday, March 24, 2014

NBA Postcards: Greetings from Sacramento, California and Toronto, Ontario

I've reached passed the halfway mark of my NBA postcard collection. Thanks to anyone who has enjoyed the series so far and shared them along. The next few sets will feature teams connected by a trade, in this case Rudy Gay.

After building his name as a Marquee player in Memphis, Rudy was traded to Toronto. The Canadian team was revitalized with exciting early wins as Gay poured in a record 74 points in his first three games as a Raptor. The Raps couldn't manage a playoff berth whilst the Grizzlies (Gay's former team) made its deepest playoff push advancing to the Conference Finals.

Within the year, Toronto changed course trading Rudy Gay to Sacramento. Continuing the perception that Gay helps teams by subtraction, Toronto surged to the Top of the Division and has held firm. Sacramento meanwhile has shown it has the makings of a formidable team with rising star Isaiah Thomas and the continued polish of Double Double machine DeMarcus Cousins. Rudy Gay seems to have found a better fit in Sacramento. Finding a Playoff spot in the competitive West isn't easy but the Kings are slowly assembling a squad that can get there.

Greetings from Toronto, Ontario (Atlantic Division)
Greetings from Sacramento, California (Pacific Division)
Kindly tell your friends and feel free to leave some comments and suggestions. Next two teams: The Atlanta Hawks and Utah Jazz

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