Tuesday, March 11, 2014

NBA Postcards: Greetings from Brooklyn and New York City, New York

Today was a good day for New York fans as Brooklyn topped Division leaders Toronto and New York dispatched the lowly Sixers for their 4th straight win. Both teams have mortgaged their futures to win now so unlike storied franchises Boston and Los Angeles there's no incentive to throw away the season.

Brooklyn reloaded in their 2nd year since relocating from New Jersey, adding key (but aging) pieces from the Champion Celtics. They took a gamble enlisting the freshly retired Jason Kidd to coach the veteran lineup. He weathered early criticism for their 10 win, 21 loss start but have since turned the corner in the New Year with an above .500 record.

Hoping for a playoff push after the All-Star break, New York slid to 8 losses in 9 games. Heightening the speculation of star player Carmelo Anthony jumping ship. Fortunately 8th place Atlanta has been plummeting in turn as the bar remains low enough for the Knickerbockers to clear.
Greetings from Brooklyn, New York (Atlantic Division
Greetings from New York City, New York (Atlantic Division
I've made "One Colour" variants for both New York teams. For Brooklyn its an inverse negative of the original. The Knicks variant is inspired by the bright Orange jerseys they've rocked the past few Christmases.
New York (One Colour edition)
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Next two teams: The Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets

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