Saturday, February 1, 2014

30HomeGames at the 3rd Star Basketball Tournament

The Star Basketball Tournament: Tuesday February 4, 2014
This coming Tuesday, the 3rd Star Basketball Tourney will be held. What began as casual Tuesday pickup games with co-workers has evolved into a basketball extravaganza. The first tournament had 4 teams, assembled by nominated General Managers who drafted players during work breaks. The 2nd Tournament came with the addition of a 5th team and Customized Team Jerseys. The 3rd Tourney arrived with hiccups as organizational difficulties threatened to dismantle the league, thankfully it was overcome.

The wait was worth it as the Tournament has only gotten bigger and better. A committee was assembled to assist in proceedings. Employer, The Star has graciously donated their support showing commitment to a positive work/life culture. The event also has its own T-Shirt which you can purchase from the committee. Big Thanks goes to League Commissioner Von, whose vision and tireless work ethic has made everything possible. Who would've thought a few muck around games would one day lead to arguably the most anticipated day on the Work Calendar.

Each week the guys get together, playing before and after work honing their skills. Many having never played organized basketball before. The talent and competitiveness has risen with each game, in keeping with the true spirit of Sport. Smack is talked over lunch breaks and messageboards, all in good fun of course.
It all leads to this big day.

Come watch the fun Tuesday 4th February from 11am to 5pm at the Auburn Basketball Arena.

The 5 SBC Teams and their Jerseys:
Supremacy, Avenjers, Grinderz, Hornets, Vatos
I myself don't have a roster spot due to my travels during the Draft period.
I will be there joining in the fun and documenting the event, which includes capturing the 'Kicks on Court'. Of course I'll be coming in dressed just in case I get a walk-on spot :)

Kicks on Court preview:
Kobe 8 "Blue Coral", Kobe 7 "BHM", LeBron 10 "Dolphins"
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