Wednesday, February 26, 2014

NBA Postcards: Greetings from Los Angeles, California. Lakers and Clippers edition

Greetings from Los Angeles, California (Pacific Division)
Purple and Gold Lakers edition
Greetings from Los Angeles, California (Pacific Division)
Red and Blue Clippers edition
At the time of this writing, the storied Los Angeles Lakers are last in the powerhouse Western Conference. Posting a record of 19 wins and 39 losses, they're a shade behind Championship counterparts the Boston Celtics. 5 years removed from their 2010 NBA Finals showdown, both teams are league bottom-dwellers in rebuild mode. 2015 promises a stellar draft class, which hints at a quick return to glory for these legendary franchises.

Led by Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and new coach Doc Rivers, the once lowly Clippers have surpassed the Purple and Gold as the hottest ticket in town. The team formerly known as "Lob City" are arguably the most electrifying team in the NBA. It will take an eternity to reach the heights of their crosstown rivals but deep Playoff runs these next few years would be a nice start.

Los Angeles Postcard, Dynasty Edition.
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To find a Dynasty variant of the Los Angeles Lakers postcard featuring the Laker squad at their most Golden. Juggernaut Shaq, Kobe rocking #8, a confident Pau Gasol and the clutch support of Derek Fisher, and Robert Horry.

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Next two teams: The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Washington Wizards

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