Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Day in the Life of an NBA Player: Kevin Durant, Nate Robinson and more

Whilst backpacking I've encountered bands on tour, as well as fighters and sportsmen travelling for competition staying in various hostels. It's interesting spending time with them at leisure as they prepare for the task at hand. For myself, I've only ever traveled for pleasure. With Business travel there's a focus on professionalism whilst juggling the perks of being on the road, the sightseeing, partying and sampling of local delicacies.

In the NBA as players have a set 30 cities they visit for competition, most would have developed their routine for places to frequent and people to visit. Jalen Rose has graciously imparted the 411 on other extracurricular activities on his 'Champagne and Campaign' segments for Grantland. Fans have been made aware of terms like "imports", "jumpoffs" and "roadkill". Its a world that I doubt I'll be accessing in my 30 Home Games adventure.

For as long as I can remember, I've been curious about experiencing the world through other people. Its manifest in my podcast and "ego-tripping" pursuits. With that, I've compiled a directory of videos featuring a 'A Day in the life of' various NBA players:

A Day in the Life of an NBA Player
A Day in the life of:
- Arron Afflalo presented by Athlete Interactive (17m 48s)
- Giannis Antetokounmpo presented by Bucks TV (6m 23s)
- Jason Williams presented by ESPN The Life (21m 32s)
- Jeremy Lin presented by JLin7 (5m 35s)
- Jeremy Lin 'Thank You Red Nation' presented by JLin7 (3m 06s)
- J.J. Redick presented by 2K Sports' College Hoops 2K7 (9m 54s)
- Kevin Durant presented by NBA TV (3m)
- Kevin Love presented by NBA TV (11m 22s)
- Luol Deng presented by Jay Z's Life + Times (21m 54s)
- Paul George presented by Jay Z's Life + Times (24m 44s)
- Roy Hibbert presented by Stack vids (5m 17s)
- Stephen Curry presented by Spiracle Media (3m 44s)
- Tyson Chandler presented by Interactive (10m 25s) presents McLemore, Boogie and Jimmer presents:
- Ben McLemore participates in his first Summer League (8m 54s)
- DeMarcus Cousins at the NBA Summer League (6m 25s)
- Jimmer Fredette NBA Road Trip to Utah (5m 23s)

Nate Robinson's 'State of Nate': Chicago, Miami, Brooklyn and Denver
Nate Robinson's 'State of Nate' created by TJ Regan
- Season 2, Episode 4: Miami Holdat (16m 20s)
- Season 2, Episode 6: Hello Brooklyn (17m 45s)
- Season 3, Episode 1: Thank You Chicago, Hello Denver (13m 12s)

Champagning and Campaigning in the NBA Cities: East and West
Jalen Rose speaks on "Miscellaneous" activities for Professional athletes:
- How Wives and Girlfriends are separated at NBA Games (3m 26s)
- What Really Happens when NBA Players go to Nightclubs (7m 12s)
- Jalen Rose on the NBA Pre-Game routine (4m 36s)

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