Sunday, February 23, 2014

NBA Postcards: Greetings from Charlotte, North Carolina and New Orleans, Louisiana

Greetings from Charlotte, North Carolina (Southeast Division)
Greetings from New Orleans, Louisiana (Southwest Division)
I've paired Charlotte and New Orleans for this latest set of NBA postcards. Fitting as they've both shared the Hornets moniker, you'll notice a tribute to mascot "Hugo" on the special Hornets postcards below.

Charlotte and New Orleans have been making noise this year.
New Orleans made a splash leading into the Season with the acquisition of Tyreke Evans and Jrue Holiday. Being positioned in the lopsidedly talented West has always hurt they're Playoff chances. Putting on a great show as hosts of the recent NBA All Star Game, they showcased 2nd Year star Anthony Davis as a first-time All Star. Whilst former No. 1 pick Davis didn't take home 'Rookie of the Year' Honors he's been living up to his potential. People already projecting him as the League's third best player behind LeBron James and Kevin Durant in the coming years. Its not just the new uniforms and revamped branding attracting attention, the future's looking bright for the "Big Easy".

Al Jefferson was a promising offseason signing for the Charlotte Bobcats and he has delivered. Currently occupying the 6th spot and undefeated since the All Star Break, they're poised to return to the Postseason since their last showing in 2010. Equipped with a heavy frontcourt that have proven to be Miami's foil, they're looking to upset the Higher seeds come Playoff time.

New Orleans and Charlotte (Hornets Edition)
Find these variants at the '30 Home Games' Facebook page
I've made 'Hornets' variants for New Orleans and Charlotte. Owner Michael Jordan has announced that Charlotte will reclaim its former moniker following this season. For the postcard I've paid tribute to the retired greats who've represented the Charlotte Hornets, Alonzo Mourning and Baron Davis to name a few. See if you can guess the other greats.
The New Orleans postcard contains many of the players of the current roster in they're former branding. You can find the "Hornets" postcards in the 'Variants' album of the '30 Home Games' Facebook page

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Next two teams: The Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers

Update: After 10 years, Charlotte are the Bobcats no more as they return to their Hornets moniker for the 2015 season. I've made a Bobcats' tribute postcard featuring the key players that defined the Orange and Blue.
10 Years of the Charlotte Bobcats 2004 -2014
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