Friday, January 31, 2014

Hip Hop Arcade presents NBA Jam Tournament @ The Flinders, Sydney

I had the pleasure of attending an NBA Jam Tourney hosted by 'Hip Hop Arcade' at the Flinders. Held each Wednesday, it began January 22nd and will culminate in a March 5 Grand Final where each week's winners will face off in a Round-Robin.
The event was reminiscent of 'Nintendisco', a Video Game night in Shoreditch where I celebrated my birthday for 2011.

I advanced to the Finals but lost by 7 points in the Big game. Playing with Utah in the 1st round I feasted on a steady diet of alley-oops to "AK-47". Playing as Atlanta in the 2nd round, Joe Johnson was formidable behind the arc as Josh Smith cleaned up the mess.
NBA Jam Tournament @The Flinders
courtesy of 'Yagz'
The Final was hard fought. I returned as the Jazz but was outclassed by Dino and his favored tandem of Pippen and Rodman. Playing as D-Will once again, I was limited to finger rolls and contested threes whilst Pippen hit ridiculous fadeaway triples and the 'Worm' controlled the paint.
I'll definitely be upgrading to a better team and tweak my game plan for our rematch.

My Vanquisher, winner of Week 2 action.
via the Hip Hop Arcade event page
Find details of the event below, see you guys on the court
Hip Hop Arcade presents NBA Jam Tournament @ The Flinders
Doors Open 6PM
Competition starts around 8:30PM
Great Pub menu
Qality Hip Hop mixed by DJ Raine Supreme
$5 Drink Specials all night
Prizes from our Sponsors 567KING and THE RECORD STORE

ELIMINATION ROUNDS - 1on1 - winner advances to grand final!
Jan 22nd - Round 1
Jan 29th - Round 2
Feb 5th - Round 3
Feb 12th - Round 4
Feb 19th - Round 5
Feb 26th - Round 6

GRAND FINAL - 1on1 - all winners compete in round-robin March 5th
- Go to the official site of 'Hip Hop Arcade'

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