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Champagning and Campaigning in the NBA Cities: Eastern Conference edition

"You gotta give the people what they want"
O' Jays
I plan to visit all the NBA cities with the intention of hitting all the cool spots. There's no better Trip Advisor than former NBA star and Mr "Champagne and Campaign" himself, Jalen Rose. During Bill Simmons' exhaustive 2014 NBA preview each team was profiled with projections for the Upcoming season. With Jalen offering suggestions for off-Court extracurricular activities.

For your convenience and my reference I've excerpted each of his suggestions below.
I present to you 'Champagning and Campaigning in the NBA Cities: Eastern Conference Edition'

Champagning and Campaigning in the Eastern Conference
Atlanta Hawks | #22: The Hawks and the Legend of the Gold Club
(7m 50s) ROSE: If those walls could talk, so much so that there was a trial that surrounded some of my favorite NBA players about the goings on in that place
SIMMONS: I also have a Gold Club story... I decided to write an 'Idiot's Guide to Gold Club' column
ROSE: The Gold Club is the 31st NBA team

Boston Celtics | #24: The Celtics Will Trade Rajon Rondo
(7m 30s) ROSE: I have a funny and interesting story when I used to go play at the Celtics when Larry Bird was my Coach... when we used to do shootaround I used to have a marker and I used to write "LB33" on the white part of the Center of Jumpball... to tribute the Legend
Jalen in the boondocks with his 40'
Brooklyn Nets | #7: Bill Simmons LOVES the New-Look Nets
(13m 35s) ROSE: At that point in time Olde English was the beer of choice, 40 ounces were a lot more popular, I'm a Miami Hurricane fan. Those are my squads in the 80's... I am in East Islip, New Jersey. In the boondocks hanging out with my homeboy Parrish Smith and Das EFX, they were in the studio at the time... we were playing SEGA while they were recording

Charlotte Bobcats | #26: Michael Jordan Is Destroying the Bobcats
(10m 20s) ROSE: If he [Owner Michael Jordan] doesn't want to Champagne and Campaign there, why would I? ... I can't Champagne and Campaign in a town where the College team is better than the Pro team

Chicago Bulls | #1: Derrick Rose and the Bulls Get the No. 1 Ranking!
(14m 22s) When you're hanging out in Chi-Town you first go to Russ St for dinner. The next thing you do is go to Garrett's and get some popcorn. That's mandatory.

Cleveland Cavaliers | #21: The Cavs Are Courting LeBron James
(9m 04s) ROSE: When you're in Cleveland you gotta kick it in the 'Flats'. I like kicking it in the Flats. Its blue collar, Lake Michigan right there. There's a nice Ritz [Hotel] downtown, its connected to the mall.

Detroit Pistons | #12: Detroit vs. Everybody!
(14m 10s) ROSE: I am home... when I'm there I'm at JRLA [Jalen Rose Leadership Academy], I'm spending time with my family trying to get some stuff done

Indiana Pacers | #4: Larry Bird Will Be the Difference for the Pacers
(13m 35s) Geist Reservoir, Cocktail Cove is what they call it. So basically its where people go to park their boats, their Jet Skis, then water activities... I'm not exaggerating you would think every home has a basketball hoop. Riding down the street if you wanted to shoot you could just pull over somebody's house.

Jalen Rose loves South Beach
Miami Heat | #2: LeBron James and the Heat Will Not Three-peat
(16m 50s) SIMMONS: I think this is our Champagne and Campaign champion which is probably why it's a bad idea for Michael Beasley to be down there
ROSE: ... I've actually lived in the Miami area so I know my way around. From Liv [Night Club] or from the Ritz of Coconut Grove [Hotel Suites] where I spent time
SIMMONS: You love South Beach
ROSE: Lobster tempura 'Prime One Twelve', Joe's Crab Shack, Liv and Fontainebleau [Resort]... I'm out there. I'm hanging with Lil Wayne, I'm hangin with Drake

Milwaukee Bucks | #15: We Didn't Forget About the Bucks!
(11m 54s) ROSE: When you're in Milwaukee, you're central to Chicago, you're near Indiana and you're near Detroit. All places that I either lived or played. So when you're in Milwaukee you get a good night's sleep, you order some Room Service , you get some rest before the game and you "import" via Car Service... it's Wintertime in the NBA season, you don't want any delays or issues
SIMMONS: What's the lobster situation in Milwaukee?
ROSE: I'm not sure...

NY Story: Land off the plane, go to dinner, Nap then club
New York Knicks | #10: Can Carmelo's Knicks Make Round 2?
(12m 25s) ROSE: So this is what you do in New York, so you land, you go to dinner, you meet any people that you wanna hang out with and then you go take a nap... normally in New York you got so many places to hit, the clubs, the scenes move around so many different times... you have Public Transport, you don't need UBER. You walk right out and the Taxis are right there and the difference between LA... they're selling fruits. In New York they're selling Street Meat. It's just a different mentality.

Orlando Magic | #28: Who Are the Orlando Magic?
(6m 46s) ROSE: When I'm in Orlando it's about the kids... when I'm with my daughters I Can't stay up late because I'm tired.
SIMMONS:  So you're giving for Champagning and Campaigning a Zero to Orlando for reasons that have nothing to do with the city itself

Philadelphia 76ers | #30: The Philadelphia 76ers Are the NBA's Worst Team
(10m) SIMMONS: I have no idea what that has to do with Champagne and Campaign in Philadelphia... Its a very fancy way of saying that Philly didn't crack his Top10 for Champagne and Campaign. He won't say...

Toronto Raptors | #23: Where Will the Raptors Trade Rudy Gay?
(8m 38s) ROSE: If you in the TDot. you must go to King St, that's where you must be...
SIMMONS: So out of the first 8 teams we've done in the Countdown, Toronto is the leader of the Champagne and Campaign no doubt

Jalen speaks on "Chocolate City" Washington DC
Washington Wizards | Will the Wizards Make the Playoffs?
(9m 46s) ROSE: When I go to DC I holler at my guy Wale these days but people forget when I used to get to DC, two of my College teammates Chris Webber and Juwan Howard actually played for the Washington Bullets... The one thing I loved to do in Washington was go to 'Love' the Club, 4 levels Bill. Different music on every level. DC's staple is Go-Go , gives me a lot of chance to get my Go-Go flow on. Learn more about it. Kickin it in Chocolate City

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