Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Streetball with locals around South America: Christmas Day in Bogotá, Colombia

It's Christmas Day! Today I completed my mission to hoop with locals in every Country visited in South America. This continues my successful run in Europe 2011 having found a basketball experience in each Country visited there also. In the Candelaria barrio of Colombia's capital Bogotá I hooped with some cool kids. By nightfall we were joined by street performers which made for quite the visual.

After today's effort I'm 6 for 6, having balled in Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia.

Over the months my Spanish has improved, this experience made a little sweeter with the ability to communicate more. I scored a few tips on where to find the best live HipHop, one of the chicos was a Chef so I'm looking forward to sampling his Restaurant.
Above the Rim
Ball, Beats and Beer
It's Christmas Day! Bogotá, Colombia
Controlling the paint
He's heating up
He's lighting up the floor
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- Streetball with locals around South America: Christmas Day in Bogotá, Colombia

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