Sunday, December 1, 2013

Photography book - Hoop: The American Dream by Robin Layton

TrueHoop TV (Nov 28, 2013)
HENRY ABBOTT: What was the most fun part of shooting this?
ROBIN LAYTON: Oh gosh! Well I grabbed a friend of mine, we rented a van and literally zigzagged across America. I guess the fun part -all of it was fun- just meeting all the different people, knocking on strangers' doors and asking to take pictures of their hoop... just all the different people and how kind Americans are, people all across America to us and how generous they were
ABBOTT: How did you find the hoops?
LAYTON: You know we just randomly looked, drove in the back roads, we knew that Larry Bird's was in French Lick and we knew of a few that were out there and when I was interviewing players they would tell me if they had an existing hoop or not.
But mostly it was just by driving around and by chance coming across them which was really... it's like an Easter Egg hunt. It was really, really fun to do and definitely a challenge to make a 100 hoops look different, it was challenging but it was fun to search for them
Hoop: The American Dream by Robin Layton
Robin Layton is a wonderful inspiration for my own #30HomeGames journey having visited so many places in North America. I've had the pleasure of finding hoops and planting my own flag in Courts around Europe and South America and one day hope to do the same in the States. I've been taking photos of the more unique courts I've found in my travels though unfortunately most weren't in use. Like Robin stated, the joy for me is the connection with people. The documentation is bonus.
A map of the places Robin and friend Kim Carney found hoops
Interestingly Robin's running mate Kim Carney collected found objects in each of the Courts they visited which creates an interesting mosaic of Americana and wonderful memento trigger of their odyssey.

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