Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My most scenic court yet: Courts by Flamengo beach, Rio de Janeiro

The hoop I shot around on. Sugarloaf in the back
I never came on the weekend, when it surely would have been full.
Did meet some Amateur Flamengo ballers on a night out in Lapa.
I arrived in Rio a fortnight after the Washington Wizards and Chicago Bulls played a 2013 preseason game as part of the NBA Global Games initiative. I don't think the Teams made it to these courts but it seems the Bulls did take a photo op along Flamengo Beach nearby.

The Chicago Bulls posing by Flamengo Beach,
the iconic Sugarloaf Mountains in the distance
This might be the most scenic court I've had the pleasure to play in.
I've hooped by the beaches of Barcelona but these courts by Flamengo beach in Rio de Janeiro has a view of the water and the famous Sugarloaf Mountain in the background.
What's the most scenic court you've played on?
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