Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Blacktop memories: High School proving Grounds in the Western Suburbs of Sydney

Dunno about you guys but its been over 10 years since I last stepped foot on these courts - we had some epic and hilarious battles where 'Jordan' 'Hardaway' 'Kemp' 'Sprewell' 'Pippen' were the heroes names being called / impersonated at the time. Priceless - GD
Courtesy of an amigo's Fbook post. Never played much streetball during my High School days so I don't have as many blacktop memories as I'd like. As far as I can remember these Courts between my old Primary school (attended Grades 3-6) and Senior High School (Grades 11-12) were my earliest proving grounds. It'd be nice to have a throwback game with the boys, to see how much we've improved and how
age has wearied us.
... and to remember the times when we were just young ballers.

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