Sunday, September 22, 2013

Finding Basketball on the Frontera of Brazil and Argentina

I’ve had a good run my last two Countries having found my Basketball Experience on the day of Arrival. Whilst waiting for my bus to Porto Alegre on the frontera of Argentina and Brazil I stumbled onto this meeting of hoopsheads - 7º Encontro de Basqueteiros de Uruguaiana (7th meeting for Basketballers of Uruguaiana).

I met the organiser and got to join the festivities by shooting from the line.

Great Tees made for the gathering
Shot 4 from 10 at the line. My dislocated finger still a bother.
I’m 4 of 4 as far as basketball experiences in each Country though :)
The Road. The game and my life in a Bag
7º Encontro de Basqueteiros de Uruguaiana
The Organiser is a Brazilian Larry David. When I posted this on Facebook
an amigo remarked “That’s my high school teacher!“. Small world.
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