Friday, April 25, 2014

NBA Postcards: Greetings from the Detroit Pistons and Golden State Warriors

Both these teams rated high on Grantland's NBA League Pass rankings as the League's most watchable teams. Golden State earned the top honour with a rating of 89, Bill Simmons crediting it to the Warriors having the "Best home crowd in the league. Top-three uniforms, top-three colors, really nice floor". The Pistons finished with a rating of 79, Zach Lowe commenting lightheartedly "Detroit has all the essentials — very good announcing crew, nice court, nice jerseys, great team name. Let the midrange bricks fly!".

Both teams however finished with vastly different Grades in terms of overall team performance. Golden State  (51W - 31L) are locked in another exciting 1st Round series after claiming the sixth seed in the highly competitive West. Detroit (29W - 53L) never clicked together as a team, the retooling effort a bust with Head Coach Mo Cheeks dismissed 50 games into the Season. Team President Joe Dumars's contract as President of Basketball relations was not renewed at Season's end after starting with an incredible run that delivered a championship in 2004. Golden State was not without its own turmoil, Mark Jackson in the hot seat despite taking the team to two straight Postseason appearances. The Warriors entering the Playoffs with several executive shuffles, the demotion of fan favorite Brian Scalabrine and the ousting of Assistant Coach Darren Erman.

That said, ultimately all the Fans care about is the product on the floor. Winning solves a lot of problems. Looking forward to how the Warriors' 1st Round firefight with the LA Clippers plays out. Golden State attempting to make us all Believers again by improving on last year's dream postseason run. The Pistons on the other will return to the mechanics, hoping to deliver on the promise of their talent. Noone should be surprised if it involves Detroit replacing parts.

Greetings from Detroit, Michigan (Central Division
Greetings from Golden State [San Francisco], California (Pacific Division)
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