Saturday, April 5, 2014

NBA Postcards: Greetings from Atlanta, Georgia and Salt Lake City, Utah

My last post featured star forward Rudy Gay tying both NBA Postcards together, this set follows the theme with Paul Millsap being the link. After spending his first seven years with the Jazz, Paul signed with the Hawks to start the year. He's enjoyed a breakout Season, earning a spot in the 2014 NBA All Star Game and a key piece in the battle to secure the final Playoff spot in the East.

For those partial to 'Champagning and Campaigning', Millsap's biggest upgrade might be moving from arguably the weakest party city (Salt Lake City) to an elite NBA "Black Guy City" in Atlanta.

Greetings from Atlanta, Georgia (Southeast Edition)
Greetings from Salt Lake City, Utah (Northwest Edition)
Kindly tell your friends and feel free to leave some comments and suggestions. Next two teams: The Chicago Bull and Phoenix Suns

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