Thursday, April 10, 2014

Joakim Noah talks hoops and travel with Rick Fox for 'Off the Court' presented by American Express

American Express presents 'Off the Court' with Joakim Noah
JOAKIM NOAH: (2m 20s) I think traveling is very important for anybody who has a chance to do it. Its just important to explore. It doesn't have to be a 5 star Hotel, it doesn't have to be a different Country. Its important to get out of that box, get out of your comfort zone, meet people and just follow your passion.
To me that's what its all about. I'm Joakim Noah and travel is my passion, what's yours?
American Express continue their fascinating NBA series 'Off the Court' with Chicago Bulls star Joakim Noah as chief ambassador. Understandably this is an inspiration for my Basketball + Travel blog. Joakim sat down with Champion Laker Rick Fox to talk hoops and travel for #AmexNBA

Chicago Bulls star Forward Joakim Noah talks about his passion for Travel
Off the Court Live Chat: Joakim Noah
RICK FOX: (11m 40s) We're talking travel. You come from an International family like myself and you like exploring new places. What do you love most about traveling?
JOAKIM NOAH: I think traveling is very underrated, its something that's really important and I just wish that more kids, more people my age were able to do it. I think that as soon as you get an opportunity, you get a little bit of money instead of buying some jewellery or things like that, traveling is way more important than something like that. It gives you the ability to compare different cultures and just see something different. I think that's really important
FOX: How is your upbringing as an International kid influenced your passion for traveling?
NOAH: My mother is from Sweden, my father is from France and West Africa. I was born in New York City so I didn't really have a choice. I come from a lot of different places. I have a lot of family from a lot of different backgrounds. I think it just makes me more sensitive to different people, to different cultures. When you come from different backgrounds like that it just makes you more openminded to things that are different
FOX: That openmindedness and sensitivity is a cross I bear too sir
American Express are also running a competition to be at the Chicago Bulls' 2014/15 season opener.
#AmexNBA Travel Challenge
When I travel, I love going to new and exciting places. Share a photo of somewhere you've been or something you've done that's unusual. If I think your journey stands out, American Express will send you to Chicago.
Unfortunately for fellow International NBA fans the competition is only open to US Residents. In the spirit of travel, I hope American Express widen their scope to include fans from around the World. As a big fan of Joakim Noah, #AmexNBA scored slam dunk choosing the French International as their spokesperson. He's definitely my spirit animal when it comes to passion, travel and "Off the Court" shenanigans.

- Find the official #AmexNBA 'Off the Court' mini site here

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