Tuesday, April 15, 2014

NBA Postcards: Greetings from Phoenix, Arizona and Chicago, Illinois

The links between these two teams should be obvious to any longtime NBA Fan. I wouldn't be surprised if the NBA Finals between the Bulls and Suns feature big in the formative years of every Basketball fan born in the 80s. MVP Charles Barkley duelling with the GOAT Michael Jordan, not only in the Finals but in those iconic Nike commercials. After completing their first 3peat over Phoenix, Michael Jordan would retire from the NBA to pursue his Baseball dream.

Today both teams have had dream years playing above expectations. Phoenix were expected to be in the Tanking Sweepstakes without an All-Star in its young Roster and a Rookie Coach. Instead they battled to the very end narrowly missing out on a Playoff Berth in the competitive West. The team of unheralded players have made a name for themselves through the merit of their play. Former understudy Guards Goran Dragić and Eric Bledsoe have shined, Gerald Green has risen above his Highlight Film reputation and the Morris Twins have been outstanding.

Chicago without former 2011 MVP and floor leader Derrick Rose has looked formidable. Heart-achingly he was felled by another season ending injury to begin the year. Under Coach Thibodeau and the MVP play of Center Joakim Noah the Bulls continue to show incredible heart despite all their setbacks. It'll be interesting to see if the Bulls can continue their stampede in the Playoffs.
Grettings from Phoenix, Arizona (Pacific Division)
Greetings from Chicago, Illinois (Central Division)
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