Wednesday, May 7, 2014

NBA Postcards: Greetings from The Boston Celtics and Oklahoma Ciy Thunder

The Boston Celtics and Oklahoma City Thunder have considerable overlap due to big Trades in recent years. It started when OKC were still the Seattle Supersonics, trading Ray Allen to the Boston Celtics for a package headlined by Boston's 5th pick Jeff Green. Years later OKC and Boston would make another big trade, the Celtics reacquiring Jeff Green alongside Nenad Krstic in exchange for Nate Robinson and bruiser Kendrick Perkins. Many speculated this disruption in Chemistry hurt Boston in the Playoffs, something Doc Rivers would later concede.

During Oklahoma's infancy (relocating from Seattle in 2008), Boston was amongst the League's Top Dogs whilst the Thunder stocked their team with quality Draft picks from their losing seasons as Seattle. OKC would suffer just one losing campaign under their new banner, improving every year to become Perennial Title contenders. The highlight, an NBA Finals berth in 2012 where they would lose 1-4 to the Miami Heat. En route to the title, Miami dispatched the Celtics in a hotly contested Eastern Conference Finals.

Today the tables are turned as a rebuilding Boston seem likely to dwell at the Bottom with Rondo the only remaining component of the Championship years, whilst OKC remain amongst the elites with their tandem of Russell Westbrook and newly crowned MVP Kevin Durant.

Greetings from Boston, Massachusetts (Atlantic Division)
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Greetings from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Northwest Division)
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