Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Road Music: Songs to be happy to (Sports songs)

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The 30HomeGames project is a mission that has me seeking Basketball around the world. In reality it's been a great pretext that's connected me to places and people I might otherwise not have.

Throughout the year I've befriended amazing people by connecting through sport. From parkour in München, participating in classes at Köln's esteemed Sports College to playing with Bremen's Ultimate Frisbee team. Not to mention the amazing Basketball experiences across Europe.

Fun Fact: More often than not these sports experiences have involved Germans in some way. *Shrugs*

The following songs form the soundtrack for the Sport experiences I've had recently. 'Lovely Day' was part of the Mix CD my German friend and events organiser had playing for some Volleyball socials in London. Additionally one of my skater housemates in Köln had a soulful music palette thus Bill Withers was on high rotation.

VIDEO: 'Lovely Day' by Bill Withers

Sports hype music is ultimately arbitrary, any feel good track with an energetic rythm will do. The video below documents a 'lovely day' spent with Sports students in the 'Aqualand' of Köln.

VIDEO: Aqualand 10.12.2011
'Banquet' by Bloc Party
'Promiscuity' by Manu Chao

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