Sunday, December 4, 2011

NBA Player jerseys: Overlooked eras, Forgotten teams

One of the things I nerd out to basketball-wise is seeing people rock obscure jerseys of overlooked eras in a Superstar's storied career. I spotted such a singlet at a recent Wrestling show in Oberhausen, Germany. I found former ROH Champion Eddie Edwards sporting a #12 Celtics (Dominique Wilkins) jersey as he manned his merch desk post-match during intermission. I commended him on his singlet, he told me "he got it in Boston 15 years ago" adding that he loves "anything Boston". When I told him how much I enjoyed obscure jerseys and recalling a player's forgotten years, Eddie proceeded to recount Dominique's team history post-Celtics (Clippers, Spurs).

Whilst in London, I took note of a #23 Knicks jersey (Marcus Camby) a BBoy at the Trocadero Underground was rocking. I also had a recent conversation about how dope a #35 ZombieSonics (Rookie Kevin Durant) jersey would be. Days later I would see Phife Dawg wearing it onscreen at the Tribe doco screening.

Eddie Edwards had also seen the doco and dropped even more knowledge, the guy knows his stuff. I love nerding out to basketball.

Enjoy the following collection of Superstar forgotten eras, my Christmas wishlist of obscure jerseys:
pippen, rodman, lakers, blazers
Rodman, Lakers #73. Pippen, Rockets #33
pippen blazers
Pippen, Blazers #33
olajuwon, ewing, raptors, magic
Olajuwon, Raptors #34. Ewing, Magic #6
cassell, sprewell, wolves
Cassell, Wolves #19. Sprewell, Wolves #8
iverson, memphis, grizzlies
Iverson, Grizzlies #3
1) It seems Rodman and Pippen are still yet to have their first conversation
2) Two members of the coolest team at the turn of the century
3) 7 year itch: HOF Centers, Ewing and Olajuwon relive the Finals in 2002
4) They only had one devastating year. 2004, KG's MVP year.
5) Iverson gave up on Memphis as he wanted to start for a contender. The Grizz eventually became legend-killers

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