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Happiness, Dreams, Hard Work: Dirk [Nowitzki] DID it!

"All dreams are crazy. Until they come true. | Dirk Did it" - Nike T-Shirt
I mentioned in my maiden 30HomeGames post that my travel writing often reflects the 'Pursuit of Happiness'. I drafted this piece months ago, sat on it then totally forgot about it. Fast forward to now in Germany. I picked up 'Snipes Mag' with local hero Dirk Nowitzki on the cover, it contained a pictorial of his triumphant meet and greet at Frankfurt in September.

Though I never have absolute favorites, I've always admired Dirk and had a soft spot for the Mavericks. I had Dallas picked at the start of the season but as custom for Mavs fans was (understandably) subdued come postseason. They made an improbable run. Beating Portland who were tipped to upset, sweeping the reigning champion Lakers, defeating the ascendant Thunder and avenging "Heel Heat" in the Finals. Dirk's road to glory couldn't be any more dramatic and come to a more deserving player.

dirk nowitzki, champion, frankfurt, fans, mavs
Dirk Nowitkzki at the Frankfurt Snipes Store
- Find the shirt here, NIKE Tee Nowitzki Celebration black
- Find more pictures here, "Dirk did it at Snipes FFM"
- Video of Nowitzki's Meet & Greet, Dirk Kommt promo
- Video of Nowitzki at Frankfurt Snipes, Dirk Nowitzki bei SNIPES in Frankfurt am Main
- Go to the official Snipes Shop site


One of the recurring themes of my travels is "happiness". Spending a year being able to act on one's every whim, you start wondering "to what end?". I think the best recipe for happiness is to find purpose, to reach for a goal. More often than not our goals can seem unattainable but it only makes success that much sweeter when it's achieved.

Follow Dirk's championship story charting his journey from tragedy to triumph:

dwyane wade, heat, mavs, dirk, 2006
D.Wade almost singlehandedly wills his Miami Heat to a Championship
2006: The underdog Heat led largely by 2nd Year Superstar Dwyane Wade spectacularly defeat the Mavs after trailing 0-2 and down 13pts with 6 minutes to go in Game 3.

baron davis, warriors, mavs, dirk, 2007
Baron Davis leads the Golden State Warriors to upset the Mavs in Round 1
2007: Upset in the first rd by the upstart 8th seed Golden State Warriors after posting the best Regular Season record (67-15)

VIDEO: Dirk Nowitzki's Championship Game 6 Press Conference

Transcript: Dirk Nowitzki after winning the NBA Championship (June 12, 2011)
DIRK NOWITZKI: I don't really think that way right now. If you're in this league for 13 years of just battling and playoffs last basically ten years, 11 years, and always coming up a little short. That's why this is extra special. If I would have won one early in my career, maybe I would have never put all the work and the time in that I have over the last 13 years. So this feels amazing...

Man, this is what I obviously played for the last couple of years. I think when you come in in this league you want to establish yourself. All these All-Star Games and all those things are nice, in scoring, but when you get to a certain age, you've basically seen it all, and all you play for is for that ring.
This graphic details how much of an underdog feat the Dallas Mavericks accomplished in 2011
Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry leads
the Dallas Mavericks past the doubters
- NBA 2011 Champion Dallas Mavericks: Happiness on a shirt

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