Sunday, December 18, 2011

NBA Christmas list

Sleeper team likely to impress:
Indiana Pacers

Non-sleeper team likely to impress:
Memphis Grizzlies

Overrated acquisition:
Chris Paul (Injury, Thankfully the Clips backcourt is loaded)

Underrated acquisition:
Mike Bibby

Overrated Player:
Carmelo Anthony

Underrated player:
Marc Gasol, Luis Scola,

My mistake:
That Ricky Rubio becomes a decent NBA player

Crazy prediction:
Mark Jackson to contend for the COY in his coaching debut

Merchandise wish list:
NBA Exclusive Collection Minnesota Timberwolves Logo T-Shirt

timberwolves, shirt, nba merchIt's shame that I've chosen a retro (I prefer designs moving forward) but this is the only shoe thats' piquing my interest for 2012. UnderArmour's future is looking promising for me though. Seeing as I've already highlighted a retro, Nick Van Exel's revamped former shoe ain't bad.

jordan 11, lows, black red

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