Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Social Sunday Sports, Basketball in London via Couchsurfing

socialympics, basketball, hendon leisure
Crashing the boards
socialympics, basketball, hendon leisure
Easy two coming up
socialympics, basketball, hendon leisure
Ball watching
Part of the reason I've been seeking basketball around Europe, apart from my love of the game, is that its a great way to meet people. Its a particularly useful way to access cultures when there is a language barrier. Being a largely American sport, there is a good chance you can at least connect on English or perhaps American Culture.

My knowledge of the game has allowed me to relate to countries through their famous NBA exports. Depending on its popularity, basketball players can be a nation's most prominent international ambassador. Dirk Nowitzki of Germany and Arvydas Sabonis of Lithuania come to mind. In fact my time in EuroBasket 2011 was largely built on understanding cultures through the mutual love of Basketball.

'Socialympics' in London is a great initiative designed to unite people from other nations through the magic of sport. It caters for people of various English levels but also welcomes locals and fun-loving people from all walks of life.

I was fortunate enough to attend my first organised game of hoops in Europe through Socialympics. I've made great friends and am looking forward to making it a routine. On this night I shared the court with people from Germany, Hungary, Spain, The Czech Republic, Japan and England.

I actually first became aware of the initiative through CouchSurfing, making it the second time CS has helped me access basketball. The first was being spotted by a CSer in the crowd of a Tartu [Estonia] Basketball game which led to being hosted and more nerding out to hoops. She was a big basketball fan and shared tales of befriending some of the City's basketball imports.

Thank You Socialympics, Thank you CouchSurfing and special thanks to the game of Basketball.

My host and some kids repping 'Socialympics'
If you're interested in getting involved you can find the Socialympics Facebook page here. They also host other sports like Volleyball and Dodgeball just to name a few. If you're interested in Basketball, there is a weekly event every Sunday in Hendon Leisure Center (near Tesco), Brent Cross
Social Sunday Sports
Get socialised and play Basketball!
Sunday 20th November, Socialympics are hosting a Basketball game. We are starting at 6pm at Hendon Leisure Centre.

This is about getting socialised so even if you have never played basketball before, no problem!!
Let's Have Fun!;)
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