Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Video: Dwyane Wade at Tweet and Greet in Sydney

From all accounts, Dwyane Wade's Tweet and Greet was a roaring success with hundreds in attendance. According to tweets from the man himself

I wanna thank the 500 plus ppl that showed up for my tweet greet 2day. Sorry I couldn't get to every1. I really tried. Next time
Below are accounts from friends on the ground:

Dwyane Wade signature on Jordan FLY WADE
My buddy JP getting Wade's sig on his Wade sigs
"Yeah the line was crazy, he only got through the first 5 meters of it. He tried signing as much as he can but it just got chaotic! I had to throw some elbows to get this baby signed lol"
My buddy GD with video of the action
VIDEO: Dwyane Wade at Cook + Phillip, Sydney (November 9, 2011)

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