Saturday, March 31, 2012

Stephon Marbury: Reinvention to Redemption, wins title with the Beijing Ducks

stephon marbury, beijing ducks
In 2010 Stephon Marbury made his way into China after 13 years in the NBA. Considering the unflattering record of former NBA talent dieting on humble pie in lesser global leagues, noone expected much of Marbury's stint in China.
Marbury is breathing fire in China (May 24, 2010)
In only two months in China, the former NBA bad boy Stephon Marbury has shed his self-centred, spoiled image and wowed fans with his dazzling play. The question now is: will he stay for a new season? The former New York Knicks point guard, now of the Shanxi Brave Dragons, is the biggest foreign star ever to play in the Chinese Basketball Association and one of several American players enlivening the 15-year-old league.
The rehabilitation of Marbury's image began when he started endorsing an economical range of Basketball sneakers as an antidote to the overpricing and overhyping going on in the market
Marbury Courts Hoops Fans in China
Mr. Marbury has drawn large crowds at games and at one two-hour autograph signing, Mr. Marbury sold more than $30,000 in shoes.

Mr. Marbury, known as "Ma Bu Li" to Chinese fans, has "created a different business model and is setting the tone for the future,"
Marbury's redemption was made complete after 3 years in the Chinese league as he led his Beijing Ducks to the title scoring 41 points in the clinching game.
Video: Stephon Marbury wins the (Chinese Basketball Association) championship
When former NBA All-Star Stephon Marbury accepted a contract to play in the Chinese Basketball Association in 2009, he was a few weeks removed from an odd and at-times frightening online meltdown, and a half-decade removed from basketball relevance. Based on the scope of his career arc at the time, it was just assumed that Marbury would grow sick of the expectations, and flame out overseas as he had during his fitful runs in Minnesota, New Jersey, Phoenix and New York.
VIDEO: Beijing Ducks and Stephon Marbury become Champions

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