Sunday, March 11, 2012

30HG Scans: Reebok Pulp Magazine '98

Reebok: Pulp Magazine Basketball '98 Premier Issue

30HG Scans will be an ongoing set featuring basketball magazines and collateral from my collection. I've traditionally bought Magazines from Airport newsagencies as they double as time killers and Country mementos. More often than not they're in languages I don't understand. Check back for future scans.

reebok, pulp, contentReebok Pulp Magazine '98 Contents page

reebok, pulp, shawn kempShawn Kemp wears The Shroud

reebok, pulp, nick van exelNick Van Exel wears The Lightning

reebok, pulp, allen iversonAllen Iverson wears The Answer

reebok, pulp, chauncey billupsChauncey Billups wears The Lightning

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