Sunday, June 16, 2013

Miami Heat: The Avengers or Miami Vice, Dominant but Complacent

Who do you have closing out the 2013 NBA Finals?
As historically good as the Heat have been since they were assembled 3 years ago, they've been vulnerable despite making 3 consecutive Finals appearances. In 2012 they were down 1-2 against the Pacers with Bosh injured for the series. Down 2-3 against the gutsy Celtics, they survived as LeBron went Beast mode and unleashed his "Anger Game". They would finally break away in Game 7 after entering the 4th quarter all tied up.

In these 2013 playoffs, Miami traded blows with the Pacers advancing after 7 games. In a matchup of generationally great teams the Heat are locked in an epic battle with the Spurs. Yet to take the series lead, Miami hope to win the pivotal Game 5. Will they succumb to being complacent (Miami Vice) or will they show a sense of urgency and unleash their true power.

The Avengers: The Heat have won 6 games
by an average of 20pts after  each playoff loss

Miami Vice - The Heat have dropped 4 of their games
after returning serve with blowout victories 
Update: Miami almost buck the trend in Game 6. They finally do in Game 7, winning twice in a row

Miami almost lost twice in a row to surrender the Championship.
They're comeback  from 5 down with  30 seconds to go changed that

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