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Jalen Rose's City Power Rankings aka Black Guy City Power Rankings

VIDEO: Jalen Rose's City Power Rankings 
aka Black Guy City Power Rankings

After spending considerable time together in the Blues City for the 2013 NBA Western Conference Finals. Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose came up with an interesting Power Rankings list:
Jalen Rose, Bill Simmons and David Jacoby on The NBA Playoffs Pt 2 | Jalen Rose Report 
BILL SIMMONS: (33m 52s) So Jalen and I were in Memphis and Memphis is definitely an urban city. It piqued my interest, we'd had lunch every day and we were running out of stuff to talk about – "Hey Jalen, let's say I'm an African-American NBA basketball player. What would be my favourite city to visit?" 
JALEN ROSE: Yay! I love this topic.
SIMMONS: ... We jokingly called it the Black guy city power rankings.
ROSE: Everybody that clips this and uses this for their websites and blogs, make sure you title it right. BLACK–GUY–CITY–POWER–RANKINGS. That's what this segment is called... and I'm black if you haven't noticed so it's OK.
The great thing about being a player in the NBA that plays for 6 teams, besides playing for 6 teams and doing it for a living and getting paid is learning different cultures... I loved all the cities I lived in [Denver, Indiana, Chicago, Toronto, New York, Phoenix]
The essentials for appealing to the Black Demographic include:
- No State Taxes
- Good Strip Clubs, Gentleman Clubs
- Being able to take a nap before "kicking it"
- Great Soul food, Restaurants
- Hard Workers, Blue Collar
- Cool Juke joints
- Respectful, friendly interactions

You'll have to listen to get Jalen's full listings. It originally began as a Mt Rushmore list with no particular order but was eventually revealed as a Countdown.

Black Guy City Power Rankings:
Washington DC, Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Memphis
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