Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jalen Rose's City Power Rankings aka Black Guy City Power Rankings

VIDEO: Jalen Rose's City Power Rankings 
aka Black Guy City Power Rankings

JALEN ROSE: (12m 55s) The great thing about being a player in the NBA that plays for 6 teams, besides playing for 6 teams and doing it for a living and getting paid is learning different cultures... I loved all the cities I lived in [Denver, Indiana, Chicago, Toronto, New York, Phoenix]
The essentials for appealing to the Black Demographic include:
- No State Taxes
- Good Strip Clubs, Gentleman Clubs
- Being able to take a nap before "kicking it"
- Great Soul food, Restaurants
- Hard Workers, Blue Collar
- Cool Juke joints
- Respectful, friendly interactions

You'll have to listen to get Jalen's full listings. It originally began as a Mt Rushmore list with no particular order but was eventually revealed as a Countdown.

Black Guy City Power Rankings:
Washington DC, Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Memphis
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