Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Australian-born Kyrie Irving to host Basketball Camps in Melbourne, July 2013

Australian-born Kyrie Irving will be coming to Melbourne to host a series of Clinics in July. "Uncle Drew" will be teaching 3 tiers of youngbloods for his camp:

Welcome to Kyrie Irving's 1st Pick Hoops - Australian Basketball Camps
Ages 9-12, Boys & Girls, Domestic and Representative Players
Ages 13 – 16, Boys & Girls, Domestic and Representative Players
Ages 15 and above, Boys & Girls, Representative to Advanced Players
For those interested in taking home some footage of Kyrie in action you might be out of luck as the Official '1st Pick Hoops' webpage forbids any documentation:
Please note that First Pick Hoops will not be permitting members of the general public or registered camp members use of camera's, video camera's, iPhone's or other Photography devices during this camp.
Listen to Andrew Gaze on 'SEN Sports Sentral' interviewing Kyrie Irving about his Camp, NBA Future and personal history with Australia - Kyrie Irving on 'Morning Glory'.

Update: The former Dukie tries his True Blue Aussie accent at the airport

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