Monday, July 2, 2012

Comedians Pete Holmes and Dov Davidoff get existential with Basketball

Basketball inventor James Naismith with the original peach baskets
I find myself agreeing with Pete Holmes a lot but we diverge when it comes to sports
@30HomeGames Comedian Pete Holmes gets existential "Why don't I watch Basketball? Because the ball doesn't mean anything."
Pete Holmes finds inherent sadness in sports because it speaks to him existentially. He expands on this recurring thought with Dov Davidoff
YOU MADE IT WEIRD #64: Dov Davidoff
PETE HOLMES: (21m 20s) I'll watch a sports game (and I've said this on the show before), I'll go "This makes me sad. There are all these people here and we're all acting like this means something". Then I go "Oh No! That's what we're doing with everything". And then that'll get me in a crisis...
He counters that with
HOLMES: Either everything means nothing and I'm at a sports game and I'm like "Everything means nothing and that makes me feel hollow" or everything is everything. Everything IS Everything! ...
Update: April 2014
As part of my 30HomeGames Comedy wishlist I've been compiling a running list of Pete Holmes' NBA interviews for TBS' Pete Holmes Show:
- Fearing the Beard with James Harden
- Kyrie Irving and his long-time friend Pete Holmes
- Pete hangs with NBA All-Star Anthony Davis
- Pete hangs with Harrison Barnes of The Golden State Warriors
- Talkin' like Talls with Dikembe Mutombo

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