Wednesday, July 25, 2012

David Letterman enlightens Andrew Garfield, explains "Sports is a metaphor for life"

Andrew Garfield on The Late Show With David Letterman (June 26, 2012) 
DAVID LETTERMAN: (banter before introducing guest) How about Lebron James, Paul? Now I feel horrible, I feel awful now. Remember night after night I was whining about the guy. Now he comes in here, he shows me what he's made of - a nice, friendly happy fellow - deserves the championship and I'm just a putz
ANDREW GARFIELD: (changing topics) Can we talk about Lebron for a bit
DAVID LETTERMAN: well its kinda my show. Of course, you know Lebron?
GARFIELD: I know of Lebron. I was just thinking how odd that life must be. Building up to one point and if you don't win that thing then what happens and how do you feel? And if you do win it you're defined by that. And if you don't win you're defined by that then what happens the rest of the year?
LETTERMAN: As you know sports have always been a metaphor for life itself so its no different in sports than in life period.
GARFIELD: I wasn't aware that it was a metaphor for life, no I'm fascinated by that
LETTERMAN:  Did I just come up with this? (talking offstage) No I just came up with this.
Not quite sure what to make of Andrew Garfield's amazement at Letterman's seemingly obvious statement. Garfield having made name for himself in the competitive world of Hollywood and tasked to shoulder a popular Multi-billion Dollar Franchise in Spiderman could surely see the parallels in Lebron and his own life.

Watch Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker living out his basketball fantasy. Garfield has spoken about his love for the game, growing up admiring Mugsy Bogues and playing pickup games when he was a struggling actor after first migrating to LA

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