Friday, July 13, 2012

New York Times explores the city via Basketball pickup games

Brooklyn Basketball slideshow
This is inspirational. I was able to do it around Europe and I can't wait to do the same around the NBA Cities of America. I need to work on my game though, I'm 2% of the way there.
‘I Got Next’: Exploring New York Through Pickup Basketball 
I moved to New York City on a lark. No job, no girlfriend, just a healthy dose of big-city wanderlust and a curiosity about the city’s mythical ownership of pickup basketball. Were its legendary courts just New York hype? Also, as someone who imagines himself a baller, would my skills stand up in the street?
This impromptu adventure did not thrill my parents, but, I figured, what better way to explore the spirit of one of the Western world’s most condensed cities than through sports, the great assimilator? I am convinced that some of the city’s truths, if not all of them, are boiled down on its basketball blacktops.

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