Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Memphis Grizzlies meets "Memphis Wrestling"

I've talked about my love for Wrestling. Wrestling great Jerry Lawler is synonymous with Memphis and has shown support for the Grizzlies multiple times with his off-court entertainment. Memphis have also hosted "Wrestling Nights", hosting the legendary Ric Flair and organizing giveaways like Championship Belts. One more reason I love the Grizzlies.
Below are some Grizzlies Graphics that celebrate 'Memphis Wrestling'.

Rd 1 Los Angeles Clippers: Zach Randolph VS Blake Griffin,
Lumberjack Match
Rd 2 Oklahoma City Thunder: OKC's Reggie Jackson does the
People's Elbow on Tony Allen
Rd 3 San Antonio Spurs: Tony Allen sells a Manu Ginobili foul,
gets awarded a Flagrant which sends the game into OT 
Update 2014:
Rd 1 Oklahoma City Thunder: Kendrick Perkins does the Earthquake Splash
on Mike Miller on a broken play. No foul called.
Read Chris Herrington's article describing the link between Memphis Wrestling and the identity of Grizzlies Basketball - That's Zach Randolph's music!

Update 2015:

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