Saturday, May 4, 2013

Golden State Warriors: We Believe 2007 + Memphis Grizzlies: Believe Memphis 2011

Only 3 teams have upset the top team from 8th seed since the NBA changed to a 7 game format for the 1st round.
- 2007: Golden State Warriors over the Dallas Mavericks in (4-2)
- 2011: Memphis Grizzlies over the San Antonio Spurs in (4-2)
- 2012: Philadelphia 76ers over the Chicago Bulls in (4-2)

Golden State and Memphis have made sequels to these improbable runs this year and are threatening to go deeper.
#Grizznation #Dubnation Don't Stop Believin'
#Grizznation #Dubnation Who do you believe?
Update: '
'Let's play make-believe". The Spurs erased Golden State's dream. Will they do the same to Memphis?

#Grizznation #Dubnation Let's play make-believe

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