Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wallpapers: "Beat It LA" Wallpapers for Portland, Houston, Dallas, Utah and Minnesota

#BeatitLA - Western Conference standings heading into All-Star Game
10th place - LA Lakers: 25 Wins | 29 Losses | .463%
A take-off of the iconic "Beat LA" slogan. In the past its been the warcry for underdog teams hoping to knock off the powerhouse Purple & Gold. With the Laker's dismal season its a chance for these underdogs to deny the storied franchise an invitation to the playoffs.

30HomeGames presents "Beat it LA" Wallpapers for the teams competing with the star-studded Lakers for a playoff spot.

 Portland Trailblazers - "Beat It LA"
Dallas Mavericks - "Beat It LA"
Minnesota Timberwolves - "Beat It LA"
Houston Rockets - "Beat It LA"
Utah Jazz - "Beat It LA"
Bonus: Los Angeles has a new powerhouse in town - The LA Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers - "Beat It LAL"
Western Conference - "Beat It LAL"
Update: It pains me to add this but my Warriors have been getting some noise for being a team likely to be bumped by the surging Lakers. The fact I didn't even consider making a wallpaper for them originally shows you how precarious their playoff spot has become. Dub Nation - We believe.
Golden State Warriors - "Beat it LA"
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