Saturday, February 23, 2013

30HomeGames will be at 'The Projects & Easts Basketball Game 3-on-3 Comp'

One Day Sundays: A monthly Hip Hop social in the Inner West
30 Home Games will be participating at the 'The Projects and Easts Basketball Game 3-on-3 Comp'. It starts in the afternoon 2 Addison Rd, Enmore. The music and entertainment program is promising featuring some of OzHipHop's finest DJs Joyride/Adit (Horrowshow) + Raph (Jackie Onassis) and Spit Syndicate's release party
The Projects and Easts Basketball Game 3-on-3 Comp
3-on-3 Comp Men's Draw
Go to the respective Facebook pages:
- The Projects Enmore
- Easts Basketball League
- One Day crew
- Spit Syndicate

Update: A fun day out. Below is Video of the day's festivities from Damon Cameron and EBL's Marcos Meza
VIDEO: EBL and The Projects 3-on-3 Hoops 

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